Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Missionary update December 14, 2013

From: Brenda Lange," Bush Bunny Brenda"
Date: DECEMBER 14, 2013
First, let me say that I’ve just returned from an overnight Christmas season “break” thanks to a Texas friend who gave me a personal gift of a massage and a special meal (to be redeemed in Pemba).   My special meal was a HUGE Cheese Burger with fries and salad.  You may think that isn’t special, but in a country where BEEF is not an easy to get meat, believe me, it is special!  Next time you buy a burger, remember that here it costs $14 for a real beef burger with cheese.  I enjoyed it immensely!

Eric is leaving on Monday for his holiday break with his grandkids, so this last Friday/Saturday was my only chance to “get away” before we gear up for the Orphan’s Christmas Party on Wed.
Thursday we distribute food that will last over 300 orphans and widows for 2 weeks. (so all staff can take a Christmas break).
Friday, we will pay December salaries so that all our workers can organize Christmas with their families.

I had a relaxing 36 hours and am now back in Balama, ready to party with my children!

Tuesday this week found my staff, 12 of our primary school orphans, and 5 of our Bush Pastors at our AWANA court and classroom.

I thought it totally appropriate that our children teach the 7 basic AWANA games to the Bush Pastors, for who knows them better than they do?  In 2014, we plan to help all 19 of our pastors learn how to use the AWANA curriculum so their village children can learn the Bible from Genesis to Revelations.  These games are a fantastic magnet that draws children of all ages to Jesus.
These 5 churches were the first to comply with the need for a dirt “games court”.  None of them can afford a fancy concrete court on which to play the AWANA games, but they “made a plan”.
They cleared a level piece of land and will use ASH from their fire pits to mark the court on AWANA club days.
  After the games training was completed, we met in our classroom, giving the Pastors their first month’s lessons in Portuguese and teaching them how to run a club.  They will begin in January.
Afterwards, they were given their AWANA game materials ( a tug-o-war rope, 4 colored bean bags, and 4 colored batons).
It will be interesting to see how they handle the 100’s of children who will show up once they hear about the games.

We look forward to the awesome reports, for each of these churches have 80-140 children each week in Sunday school.
To handle the large numbers, I recommended they break it up into proper age groups and hold club meetings 3 days a week.

Until next week, my friends.
Keep those prayers coming!
All is “quiet” in our area at the moment, and we pray it stays that way.  There is still some fighting going on south of us.
Rains are rolling in as I am hearing a constant grumbling of rolling thunder coming my way.
Need to get off the computer, as lightening likes solar panels.
More next week!

Bush Bunny Brenda
Eric Dry
Balama Staff