Thursday, August 11, 2016

New porch

I have wanted a screened in porch for a long time.  When I was a little girl we lived in a house with a small screened in front porch.  I remember sleeping out there.  I loved it.

This week I got my screened in porch.  Its huge.  20X20  My Amish friends built it for me.  They built it in two days.  The first day 10 men came and they barely got out of the vehicles before they had my old porch torn off, the carport moved and the new one started.  The first picture is the progress on the porch.  I took the picture while they were eating lunch.
The next picture is what it looked like after I took them all home at 5:00 pm the first day.
The second day only 5 men came and they finished the rest of it up by about 4:00pm.

We set the area up under the front carport for them to eat their lunches.  I am so thankful that Joy, Mollie and Hannah helped so much.  The second day they all did the entire meal for the men.  The guys said they would bring their own lunches but I wanted to feed them.  I know I could not of done it without the help of my girls.  Thank you girls.  You are a blessing.
Speaking of blessings.  The first day the ten men just picked up and scooted my huge carport over to the other side of the house.  When one of them was putting the stakes into the ground to keep it from moving he hit a water line.  Next thing we know there is water all over.  They dug out the place once I figured out how to turn the water off.  The water line was in a very strange spot right in the middle of the yard.  It looked like maybe someone had planned on putting a spigot in another part of the yard and just never got around to it.  Well the Amish guys said I could either cap it, repair it or put a spigot there.  I decided to put a  spigot there.  So I went to the lumber yard and bought the necessary supplies and next thing I know I have a new spigot in the yard.  It was in the perfect place too.  Right by the leg of the carport.  Isn't that a neat blessing?
I am pleased as punch with their work.  They did everything just as I asked them to.  We had planned on putting lattice around the bottom of the porch to hide the underside but the screen is almost invisible so we are going to go up two feet to the first rail.  The dogs already have tried to jump through it a few times.  So until I can get the lattice bought and installed we will have to keep the dogs in a different part of the yard.

Last night the girls and I went out there to sit and it is so very nice.  Its still too hot to really enjoy it much but I know that it will be something we use for years to come.

I am so happy with my Amish friends work.  The more time I spend with these people the more I like them. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Happy is the mother whose children come visit

I am enjoying this week with three of my five daughters.  It makes me happy when I have at least some of them here at the same time.  I don't know if I will ever have all five at once but I am happy with what I can get.