Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camp Meeting

We spent four days at camp meeting. It was fantastic. Hubby wanted to stay but we had already planned to go on to Branson to see our daughter. We are now in Branson and remember why we usually come in the fall. Its so muggy here and hot. I will give a more detailed report about the goings on when we get back.
In the mean time I want to tell about a free online Bible college our church has.
Check it out at:http://www.apostolicfaithonline.org/
I will be telling more about this as well.
Take care.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Its a lot of work getting ready to go on vacation. The yard needs to be mowed. All the laundry washed. Clothes packed. Arrangements made for the animals. Water the garden and yard really good. Clean the pool. Clean the house. Wow. Hubby said lets just stay home, no way.LOL
Call the post office and have them stop the mail. Take your house key to the neighbor. Etc. etc. What fun.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I mowed for a couple of hours this afternoon. Whew its hot. Our front yard is about 5 acres. We only mow the part by the house often, and the bigger part a couple of times a year. I love to mow on the tractor. Every year I get all the way away from the house and then I run out of gas. LOL I do it every time. You'd think I'd learn wouldn't you?

Yesterday the preacher, his wife, my hubby and I went to Walgreen's. My girls watched their kids at their house. I got quite a few diapers and pull ups for 5.47 with a 5.00 register reward. I am saving the RR to buy a camera with a MIR. I hope to run over to a nearby town while we are at family church camp to buy more diapers and get the camera. Its so fun to be able to give the diapers to the preachers wives and missionary wives. We have a lot of them too.
After Walgreen's we went to Dollar tree, then WalMart. Then we went to Brahms for a treat. Double dip cone. yum yum

I cant wait til tomorrow when we go to camp. I am ready.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

homemade Mayonnaise

I always make our mayonnaise. Its just so expensive at the store. We were always running out. Its so simple and quick. Here's what you do.
In small mixing bowl place:
2 eggs
1/4 tsp. powered mustard
1/2 tsp salt
1 t. lemon juice
Using a stick blender I then mix this up and slowly pour in 1 1/2 cups vegetable oil. It doesn't take long, the blender makes it quick. Place into an correct size container and keep in the fridge. If you want, you can make less using only one egg. I find that this keeps about two to three weeks in the fridge.

Hula Hoops

We, OK I have been trying to make adult size hula hoops for exercise. I bought what I thought and was told was 3/4 inch irrigation tubing. I kept trying 3/4 inch connectors and they were too small and I couldn't figure out why. Well, today I went out and measured the tubing. Its 1 inch. No wonder the connectors wouldn't work. I will try using the correct connector and see how that works. I am going to give the guy who sold me 3/4 in tubing a hard time next time I see him. LOL

Monday, July 21, 2008

I thought this was a neat write up. My hubbies dad had 6 brothers and all 7 of them served our country. One year for veterans day their home town paper did a write up about the boys. They are all old men now. Some are gone. I just thought it was neat.
These are the 10 Commandment stones we make. They are $60.00 plus tax per set. They dont come painted. Its a 4 piece set.
Here is a picture of my sweetie and me. Its about 7 years old. Guess we need a new one. I will post pictures as I figure out how to do it or my daughters do it for me.


We had a great Sabbath yesterday. The preacher had a great sermon. The kids are home from church camp and in the evening service at the church next to ours gave testimonies. They were really heart felt and I enjoyed them. Its great to see the teenagers grow in the Lord.

We got this weeks coupons clipped, sorted and filed. I am ready for shopping again. LOL

The lesson Sunday night was about by words or euphemisms. It was an eye opener. I didnt realize that Websters defines many of the words we use as meaning exactly what we had not said, in other words, the words we are replacing. The four letter word starting with the letter F for instance is the meaning of those other words, I had thought they didnt sound very good, but I didnt realize that they actually mean the F word. A friend from church and I were talking this am about the lesson and we decided we need to just say nothing. I think we are conditioned to say something and we really dont need to say anything at all.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

saving money

My desire is to save money. I love to coupon shop and stack coupons, show others how to shop with coupons and save money. In a period of four months, I saved over $1500.00 using coupons. I like to be able to give nice things to people. Its like a sport to me. I call it Shop 4 less who's the best.

I love the Lord God. I love the learn more about His word and what He wants from me and what He wants me to do.

I love living in the country. We live on 16 acres. We have a 6 1/2 X 26 foot greenhouse made out of cattle panels. We plan to make another one twice as long. We have a big steer and a little bull calf we are raising for the freezer. We milk three goats. We have chickens. Cats. And a dog.

During the Fall and Winter I host a women's tea party each week where we meet, drink tea, eat fancy stuff and read our Bibles, pray for each other and chat. Its just too busy in the spring and especially the summer to host the tea party so we suspend it for that time.

My daughters and I make manufactured stone. Its a dirty job, but its one we can do together. We happen to live by a major Hi way so we just put the stone on pallets and put it in the front yard and people see it and stop. That's how we get most of our business.
Our stone web site is qualitystonellc.com if you'd like to visit.

garage sales

Today was the city wide garage sale for our tiny town. I scored a Coleman stove for $5.00 a blue one gallon jar with spigot, and a 3 L jar for $1.00 each. My daughter 11 found 3 hardback books for $1.50 two shirts and one moo moo for me 75 cents a pair of wranglers for hubby for 2.00 total 11.25. Not too bad. It was sprinkling so there were not too many people out and about.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I went to walgreens the day before yesterday and here's what I got.
12 Excedrin 24 ct.
3 reams HP multipurpose copy paper
2 Kotex overnite
8 10 pks. schick disposable razors
8 power aid drinks
8 Vive shampoo/conditioner
7 Maalox chewable
2 6oz Colgate toothpaste
total before coupons was $157.00
total after was $21.48
I was quite proud.
It was funny when I asked for a sub total. My husband became quite concerned. When the final total was announced he said he had faith in me all along. LOL What a silly man. He said he sure is glad I got turned on to coupons.
I have preordered diapers for next weeks sale. Cant wait to buy them for the preachers wives, and missionary wives at church camp. I have a funny way of having fun. Buy stuff for almost nothing and then give it away. And I said my husband was silly.

Whats up today

Today is a calm day, as the two oldest are still at church camp. They will return tomorrow evening. The youngest is home and is quite bored. Yesterday she finally asked to have the preachers girls come over for a swim. She has been suffering from an earache and hasn't been able to swim and is not having too much fun. I guess she could do a math lesson. Yesterday we set up her schedule for home school this year. It seems like she has a lot of subjects this year. I need to get busy and get the oldest girls school lined out. The others are easy, they just do what she did that year. We are thinking about doing the college/high school at the same time thing. I know she would do great and loves a challenge. We may do that at semester. This year we will have a 6th grader, a 9th grader and a 10th grader. What will I do when they are all gone?

about me

Today is the first day for me to blog. I am naming my first post about me. I love to use coupons, get good deals and save money on stuff. I live in rural oklahoma panhandle. I love the Lord, my husband and my kids. I have five daughters. Two are grown. Three are at home. We homeschool. Have a greenhouse for personal veggies. Milk goats. Raise our own beef. Make soap. Do as much from scratch as possible. I want to learn to blog so I can write my thoughts and dreams down and maybe help others learn a thing or two.