Monday, July 29, 2013

Tie dye fabric

I gave Hannah two pieces of muslin fabric to tie dye.  I then made a child's sundress out of one of the pieces of dyed fabric.  I forgot to take a picture of the fabric before I cut it up but I did take a picture of the second piece she dyed.
Now I have a hand dyed one of a kind sundress.  I think at some point I may go ahead and make the sun dress and then have her dye it to see which one I like the to use the best.  Dyed fabric or dyed finished dress.
I am pleased with how the project is looking so far.

Homemade armor all

Our pickup bed cover was getting so dry and icky looking from the elements here.  I wanted to spruce it up but armor all is so expensive, full of chemicals and stinks so bad that I thought there had to be an alternative.  I looked on Pinterest and sure enough I found a recipe for home made armor all.  I just mixed up 2 parts olive oil to 1 part lemon juice and spread it on with an old rag.  It went on easily and looks great.  I did pour it on once in a little area and it was messy so I just put it on a rag and spread it around that way.  We will see how it holds up.  I imagine it will be just as good as the store bought stuff but much less expensive and no chemicals.  If it ends up looking good I will do it to the inside of the pickup.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fun on the beach

My granddaughter enjoyed our time at the beach.

Missionary update july27,2013

Bush Beat Blog
From: Linda Ferguson, for" Bush Bunny Brenda"
Date :, July 27, 2013

Hello to all of the faithful supporters of Orphans Unlimited, Inc.

This email blog is coming to you from Linda Ferguson in our Texas
office. I am the person who's name appears at the very  bottom of your weekly Bush Bunny Brenda Blog.

Brenda is in Pemba today and didn't write a Blog entry before she left the Mission Headquarters in Balama.
Because of the jam packed schedules of the staff, Brenda was the only one available to deliver the team from Michigan back to the airport for their flight home.

The Go Project's team of Sally Dykema and Dale Meindertsma have been busy helping bring in the harvest, both of corn and of souls.
We will have details of their adventures soon.

But while "The cat is away..... this mouse" thought you might enjoy seeing some photos that represent a typical, power packed, "day in the life".. of The Bush Bunny.

Brenda Caring for a babe in mother's arms- a daily sight.

These starving children were rescued from sure death by their Grandmother, who walked many miles,not knowing if she would find help.
"Bush Bunny" Brenda Lange

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(branch code) 011-54515
Name: Orphans Unlimited
Acct. # 017743036

phone: 979-234-3422or 713-854-9197
Brenda’s Blog is Posted at:
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Worship service looks like lots of fun. The puppets are a favorite of both children and adults.
Thw wheelchair and the crutches were such a happy surprise. As you can see by the beautiful smiles.

Brenda shows us a stick with cord wrapped around it and beetles in bright colors attached. This tool of the witch doctor was given to her by the woman who was saved and baptized. The former witch doctor hut was burned as a testimony to a life changed by the grace of God.

We couldn't end the day without checking in on the goats. Sure enough, there's Brenda and one of the goat team busy worming a reluctant volunteer.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Missionary update July 21, 2013


Our Orphan Drama Team at their best, just before the Jesus Film is shown. The boys did a great job and had the audience totally captivated.

Our orphan drama team engaged the large crowd with 2 very powerful programs while our Missionary Team set up the film equipment just before dark last night at Mapone’s soccer field. Many hid in the shadows to watch, too afraid to be seen in the crowd by their neighbors. Today, Sunday, 80+ adults and 95 children came to the church meeting to find out more about Jesus. FOUR people prayed to receive Jesus as they met under a large Mango tree that had been designated “the church” for this village. A total of 32 new Christian adults will now cut fence posts and bamboos so they can build a proper meeting place. Having 180 people show up for our first post Jesus Film meeting makes this village a record setter. It’s the best response we’ve seen so far. The fields are RIPE and we are ready to bring in the harvest! These new believers begged Pastor Alberto to start a Bible School in their village. We’ll be organizing that to begin 2 weeks from now. Evangelism is only the first step. DISCIPLESHIP through our International Victory Bible School curriculum is the way to “train them up in the way they should go”.

Our team is off to the 5000+ population of the Mpaca village for tonight’s showing of the Jesus Film. More on that showing next week.
Dale Meindertsma of Michigan is visiting for his 3rd year in a row, specializing in “object lessons” that teach valuable Bible Lessons to both adults and children. His 2 audiences were totally engaged this morning as he used a blind folded child to show how we are lost and in danger without Jesus. But WITH Jesus in our hearts, He guides us through life, keeping us safe, even when danger is right in front of us. Dale’s sponge dripped water, a perfect example of how our words drip out of our mouths, and once gone, can’t be taken back for they are “lost” forever as they hit the dirt and soak into the ground. Bridle thy mouth or face the consequences if our words harm others for you can’t get them back, no matter how hard you try.

A mother came forth when Dale prayed for the sick, who has a new born but no breast milk. We organized a baby “RESCUE KIT”. A baby bottle, can of formula, and filtered water. Nelson, my 16 year old nursing trainee, got his first chance to teach a new mother how to boil water, clean the bottle, and take proper care of a baby on formula. The baby is very weak, so our prayer is that the baby will survive it’s rough start in life.

Just as everyone returned from church, I received a call from the hospital begging our help for a pregnant mother in trouble. Being “on call” with 1 of our Land Cruiser pick-ups as an Ambulance is one of the ways we help out when lives are at stake. Our driver, Janito, rushed out to the clinic in Impire at noon to fetch a pregnant woman having a seizure. He just came back to say they requested him to take her on to the Regional Hospital in Montepuez, 30 miles (60 km) away where C-sections are possible. I had anticipated this, and organized Manuel, our main driver to handle this fast trip so that Janito could carry the Jesus Film equipment out to Mpaca tonight.

My official title here is “THE COORDINATOR”. It’s a gift from God, and He helps me do it well. With HIM BY MY SIDE, many lives are touched in everything we do. There is no better place to be than in God’s will for your life. For it is in that place, that HE will show you that you can do more than you ever dreamed you could. NO ONE could have convinced me when God called me in 1988, just how much HE would have us accomplish in these last 23 years. AMAZING is all I can say when I look back at how many lives He’s touched through us and the visitors he’s sent us.


Sally Dykema of Michigan is also here for her 3rd “tour” to preach and love on our kids. Sally’s USA church founded Rovuma’s church 5 years ago, so she was received with much singing and dancing today by the members. Sally told us at lunch that even ERIC got in on the dancing with the men in the church. Linda’s camera battery died, or we would have had that rare happening on film!


Dale and our team setting up tarps as the rain drizzled down.
On a cold and rainy Friday this week, our 60 man team worked hard and fast to sack and stack the last 305 sacks of super dry corn that will see our orphans through the rainy season (Jan. to May). I’m very proud of our team of Missionaries (Emma and Melissa) as well as our 60 man staff and crew who moved 103 tons of corn in 5 days. It was never more true, when I say that “many hands make the work light”. Our corn barn is now “full to the brim” as we were barely able to close the doors once it was stacked in 7 “pillars” reaching 13 ft. (3.9 m) in height. The first distribution to 447 hungry orphans and the 211 widows who care for them will be Tuesday this coming week. This area had a poor corn harvest due to crop failures from either too much rain or not enough, depending on which of the 9 villages the kids live in. We THANK ALL OF YOU who have generously given so that these children may grow up healthy and do well in school. As everyone knows “hungry bellies have no ears”.

DANIELLE VAN ZYL is back in RSA to get her residency documents. Melissa Olmsdahl flew in Wed. with Sally and Dale. Melissa is from the Christian Motorcycle Association church in George, RSA and applies for residency tomorrow, give a year of her life to help us out! Welcome aboard, Melissa! Biker Woman!

Bush Bunny Brenda Lange
Eric Dry (The Bush Bear)
Linda Stanley, (Angel)
Melissa Olmsdahl (Biker Woman!)
Emma Clifford, Rough Tough Texan

Monday, July 15, 2013

Missionary update July 14, 2013

From: "Brenda Lange"

Subject: Blog, July 13, 2013

Date: July 13, 2013 8:14:27 AM CDT


The photo shows Pastor Alberto (in the rubber boots) using our newly made invention by Eric Dry, O.U.’s Associate Director in Mozambique. His portable Baptismal tank provides us a way to do Baptisms throughout the dry season. Eric puts one of our 750 liter water storage tanks on the back of our 1 ton Land Cruiser, fills it with water, and away they go. This smaller, 500 liter tank with the top cut (reinforced with a rebar ring at the top) provides the dipping station.

Before this, we were restricted to having baptisms ONLY at the end of the rainy season while water still existed in the local rivers.

Eric’s invention now makes it possible all year round.

THANKS ERIC for your Bush Engineering!


Our teenage orphans have had a great soccer team for 2 years, but we never had uniforms before. Thanks to the MCMI STAFF in San Antonio, our kids are now outfitted in proper soccer uniforms!

I just drove them to their first game as they proudly wore their new uniforms. It’s a BIG THING in this town to have a uniform, as the only others who have them are the city’s men’s team.

They are playing the Sunday School children from our Rovuma church, just 5 km from our base.

I’ll let you know the outcome in next week’s blog. THANKS MCMI STAFF!


For the rainy season, we need super dry corn that can handle the damper weather. Our final 105 TONS will be trucked in this week, processed, and sacked for long term storage. So back to the corn chutes we go! If we can move 20+ tons a day, we’ll be finished by Friday, PTL!


If you count closely, you will see EIGHT people on this 50 cc motorbike. This photo has NOT been photo-shopped.

We commonly see up to 5 people on motorbikes around our area, but this one beats all!

Last week, someone asked me if the goat photo had been photo-shopped. NOPE, that was the real thing.

Goats are normally carried tied up in a large basket on the back of a bicycle, so the Goat BAAACK PACK was a first for all of us!

Keep those prayers coming! We show the Jesus Film in 2 different villages next weekend and old “Smutty Face”, the devil is going to be a bit riled over that.

We pray many will see the truth and come to Christ.

Blessings from the Balama Gang

Bush Bunny Brenda Lange

Eric Dry

Linda Stanley

Emma Clifford

Danielle Van Zyl

Im sorry but my blogger wont let me post the pictures in their proper places.  It barely lets me post at all.  Who knows what it wrong with it.

Granny ripple afghan

The other day a friend and I were looking through an antique store and the clerk was crocheting a granny ripple afghan.  I commented to her that I had been going to try to learn that stitch.  She asked me if I wanted her to make a copy of the directions.  I said yes, came home and sat down to learn it.  I'm using yarn I already have so it would not be my first color choice but I like it anyway.  The first two rows I had to pay close attention to the directions and then after the third row I was off.  Its a neat stitch and would make a great scrap afghan.

I will try to remember to post pictures once its done.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Gate guarding

I am friends with a sweet couple I met at church. They are an older couple who have what to me is an unusual job. They gate guard.

Here in Texas the oil and gas industry is booming as well as other businesses and ranches. Many of which need gate guards.

Gate guards are usually a couple who live in their own RV that is situated right at the gate of the business. The couple stays there 24/7. One person can go somewhere but unless they hire someone they cannot both go anywhere. It’s a good job for retired folks who do not spend a lot of time at the doctors.

The gate guard company supplies, water for drinking and water for showers, flushing and so on. The company also supplies a generator and fuel. Ice and so on. The couple must provide their own food.

These folks would sure have to be able to plan all their meals out in advance and stick to the plan and be sure they have purchased all supplies needed.

The pay is not huge but the work isn’t too hard. If you are someone who enjoys people then this might be a good job for you.

My friends are not gate guarding right now because the husband is taking care of a health issue which should be resolved in the next month. At that time they will go back to gate guarding. My friend said she will call me once they are guarding again so I can come over for a visit. I imagine I will bring my crocheting along as its doubtful we would do much running around which is fine with me. I will be sure to ask if there is anything I can pick up for them when I go.

I just thought this was an interesting way to earn money and thought you all might enjoy learning about it too.


I know I have been missing in action lately.  Its been a busy summer.  We went to Kansas last week for a week to help my mom sort through boxes and so on.  I was able to bring home several bags of fabric and yarn.  There is more there but it will have to wait until next time.

I made Hannah and myself a chore list to try to keep more on track and to train us both to keep things flowing.  The picture is of the original chart.  I tweaked it this morning because I had actually forgotten to list cleaning of our bedrooms.

Today a company is coming to install some carports for us.  I am happy about it.  I know it will sure cut down on the heat inside the automobiles as well as help keep the pain jobs in better shape than the sun just bearing down on them.  I'm hoping that an added benefit will be that they will cool the front porch off as well.

Yolanda, I sent for the catalog you talked about in your post a while back.  I cant wait to see what all they have.

Right now I have a batch of sauerkraut making in the pantry.  It should be done in about 3 or 4 more weeks.

Oh and yesterday I canned my first figs.  I made strawberry fig preserves.  I got 7 half pints.  Next picking I think I will just make fig preserves.  That way at some future time I can make home made fig newtons. Or cake or something.

I also was given an Amish friendship bread starter by a friend at church.  I am figuring out how to use and make it without having to give some to friends.  I recently found a recipe for fermented cake.  As soon as I get some marachino cherries.  I will post the cake recipe soon.

Missionary update July 7, 2013


The remote village of Mopone is only 14km (8.4 miles) from our base, but it’s like another world. No market exists, which signals a VERY poor area. The road to get there took 4 wheel drive due to deep sand and several washed out trenched areas. Not a fun drive in the daylight, much less in the dark when we show the Jesus Film in 2 weeks.

Over 120 people came to hear the story of “HOW MAN CAN DEMOLISH THE SIN GAP AND MEET JESUS.”

As usual when we begin a spiritual work in a village, the crowd is full of doubters and scoffers.

Such was the case today, but most did at least listen to the story (complete with pictures of how NO ONE can earn their way into heaven through good works).

One of the X-Witch Doctors who burned her witch hut 3 weeks ago, is a strong Granny figure, highly respected in this village. She gave a powerful healing testimony telling how her medicine couldn’t cure ailments she’d had for years, but since she met Jesus, HE CURED HER! I could see the women in the crowd starting to “perk up” and take notice, while the men continued to stand off at a distance and talk among themselves.

We prayed for the sick and 9 MOTHER’S with young children asked to receive Jesus.

Many told us to keep our Jesus, they just wanted to be healed.

We prayed for them all, but explained that it is by FAITH they receive the Master’s healing.

The doubters stomped out when they didn’t receive an instant healing.

But those 9 mothers stood fast in the face of many doubters and left with big smiles on their faces.

So keep us in prayer as we continue to “break new ground” for Jesus.

There are now 29 BELIEVERS in Mopone, and we are sure the Lord will reap a big harvest once His story is told via the Jesus Film.

Mopone will be a real challenge for sure.



Bush Bunny Brenda in Balama, Mozambique