Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Monday, March 7, 2016

A dress for Kastyn and a dress for her doll

My granddaughter received a doll for Christmas and asked me to make matching dresses for her and her doll.  I made these pillowcase type dresses in answer to her plea.  If they fit I will make more of them.  I took lots of measurements and notes so I will be able to adjust as needed.  I hope both dresses fit because they are so cute.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Garden update

This is a tour of my little garden.  Its a smallish fenced area of patio that was not being used.  We bought an old dog pen that had a door and makeshift fenced the area.  About two years ago we built the two cinder block raised beds and filled them with rotted horse manure.  That was the extent of my garden until I bought a few of the black tubs from a rancher.
 Left to right in the pictures above and below.  3 jalapeno plants, 3 jalapeno plants, red onions in one tub, green onions in the next tub, then another tub of red onions followed by two tubs of garlic, one tub of cucumbers and two tubs of green pepper plants.

 In the background is a tomato plant, three Brussels sprouts and a swiss chard on the left.
 This bed has lettuce, cilantro, and spinach and a few tired looking green pepper plants.
 Three of these tubs have cabbage, one has zucchini and one has yellow squash.  The last one will have more cucumbers.  I haven't decided what to plant after I harvest the cabbage, probably more squash because we love it.  Or maybe bush beans.
This is the flower bed at the front of my house.  I never planted flowers there so I decided to use it to grow tomatoes.  I cut the bottom off the 5 gallon buckets and Hannah buried them about half way.  She then filled them with super dirt which we bought for $25.00 a pickup load from a town close by that makes it.  Its suppose to be 100% organic.  I've spoken to people who have used the super dirt and they have had great success.  Its certainly cheaper than a bunch of bags of potting soil or manure or what ever.  It looks like good stuff.  We just have about 2-3 black tubs worth of it left in the back of the pick up.  I'm hoping it does well.  I would like to plant about 6 more tomato plants out front so I can can up a bunch of tomatoes but I don't know if Hannah will go for burying any more 5 gallon buckets.  She said it was a hard job, much harder than hauling all that super dirt to the back yard and garden to put in the black tubs.  Go figure.  In any case I am pleased with my garden so far this year.  My goal is to expand a little each year.  I did that by adding 10 black tubs in the raised bed area and the 6 tomato buckets out front.  I will continue to expand as I am able and Hannah and Jeff will help me.  I like providing our family with food.  I know Hannah loves walking outside and picking vegetable that she needs for the recipes she is making.