Friday, December 30, 2011

Setting goals

This morning I sat down and wrote out some of my goal for the next few months. I decided to go ahead and get started on them even though they are technically for the year 2012.

Yesterday I washed out two feed sacks that had been outside in the rain and getting icky. I didn't like either one of them so I decided to cut them up to make pockets for my feed sack tote bags. This morning I got started sewing the pockets. Out of one and one fourth feed bags I got ten pockets. Parts of the bags just wouldn't come clean and I don't want dirty looking pockets in my tote bags so I tossed them.

Next I sewed one feed sack tote bag and washed a sweet feed sack out in the tub. I have found that if I let the water get real hot and wash the sweet feed sacks with that it works a lot better than using a rag and rinsing loads of time. Comes cleaner too.

Then I went out to the shed and measured everything to make just two batches of soap. I have to cut them tomorrow and we want to go out of town so I decided to just make two batches instead of the four I had planned. I will make either two or four batches on Monday. I was a little worried that I might have forgotten how to make soap since its been several months but it worked out just as if I had never been away from it. I tried something different this time. Instead of lining my molds with plastic wrap I used damp cotton kitchen towels. I read somewhere that it was an option. If it works I will use that so that I don't always have to use plastic. It just seems more sensible to me.

I got the equipment all washed up that I use to make soap and now its lunch time. I may make another bag this afternoon if I feel like it. I also have some new craft ideas to begin working on this next year.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Homemade Oxyclean

1 cup water

1/2 cup peroxide

1/2 cup baking soda

THATS IT!! I store it in that little jar. Put it right on the stains and let it sit for however long, then what ever is left is usually put in the washer with the load of laundry. Easy peasy :)

This recipe is from Missy Logan

Hey, hey, hey, its a beautiful day

Its simply beautiful out today so I used this opportunity to go to the shed and prepare everything so I can make soap tomorrow. I have not made soap in several months so it is time. Before we sold our house I used to make 4 batches at a time a few times a week. Tomorrow I will be making 4 batches.
1. oatmeal, milk and honey
2. lemongrass and oat
3. white magnolia and oat
4. peach and oat
I have a couple of ideas to try for scents. Lavender and lime and then Tea tree and Eucalyptus. I will of course put oats in those as well.

I have my outdoor kitchen designed in my head I just need 2 16 foot 2x4's and 2 more cattle panels. I also need to order some shade cloth. I am going to use shade cloth instead of tarps hoping the wind wont tear them up like they do a tarp. Since we live in an RV park my structure will have to be of a temporary nature. I have the bricks to build a 16 brick rocket stove and I want to buy one of those turkey cookers to use to can on this year. Its just too hot to can in the RV. I am the cattle panel structure queen. I have build many temporary structures that can last as long as you want to keep them there but are easy to take down and are not something that will raise tax's. I will post pictures when we get around to doing that project.

I also have a design in my head for a bed for Joy with lots of storage that won't be seen. I will build a sort of box unit with a hinged lid. I will take photo's of that when I get it done as well.

Mollie and Joy are both now working at the same convience store. The boss said corporate doesn't like her to hire family members of employees but she told them that if there were more sisters old enough to work there she would hire them as well. She really thinks a lot of Joy. That gives Hannah hope that she too might get a job there, maybe this summer. Who knows?

We think we might go to the Derixsons for New Years Eve. Jeff and Joy were there for Christmas but I have not been there for a while and Jeff said Elijah is about to start walking.

I think Justin and Kaleena are doing well with baby Kastyn. I miss them. Its nice to visit but its nice to come home too. I do so enjoy the weather here.

I pray each of you have a great weekend and that you get to enjoy it with folks that you love.

Lemon fresh dish soap

1 cup of borax

• 1 cup of baking soda

• ¼ cup of table salt

• 2 packets (half an ounce) of unsweetened lemon drink mix (i.e. Kool-Aid)

Apparently, at the bare minimum, you only need the borax and baking soda.You can also use lemon juice or lemon essential oil, instead of the dry drink mix. However, we like the idea of keeping everything dry for storage. You can mix it in your dishwater to get it wet when you use it.

~~~~~~~Another recipe for dish soap~~~~~~

1 cup liquid Castile soap
3 tablespoons water
a few drops essential oil (if using unscented Castile soap)
Combine in a vessel of your choice (I use an old vinegar bottle with a metal spout), mix well, and use.

Homemade fabric softner

1 cup baking soda 6 cups distilled white vinegar 8 cups water 10 -15 drops orangeessential oils (optional) or 10 -15 dropslemonessential oils (optional) or 10 -15 drops essential oils , of choice (optional) Directions:
You will need a one gallon container.
First add the baking soda to the plastic container.
... 3
Next add 1 cup of water to start with.
Slowly add the vinegar to the bottle as the vinegar and baking soda will start to fizz.
Then add the rest of the water swirling around & cover venting the top a few times.
Last add the essential oil.
Add 1 cup in your final rinse cycle for each load but give the bottle a good shake to stir up the essential oil if using.

Read more:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tamale Pie Recipe

Tamale Pie

1 lb. hamburger
1 pkg. taco seasoning
1 can corn
1 can black beans
1 can pinto beans
1 can tomatoes

2 Jiffy corn bread mixes (sweet cornbread mix)

Brown hamburger, drain, add taco seasoning. Add veggies and beans. Place in casserole dish and cover with cheese. Mix cornbread batter according to directions and pour over casserole. Bake as directed for corn bread.

This dish was brought to my daughters by one of the church ladies. It was really good so I asked for the recipe.

missionary update

From: "Brenda Lange"
Date: December 25, 2011 6:20:11 AM CST
Subject: Blog, December 25, 2011

Folks, nothing but God could make something so difficult happen so fast as replacing this 105 foot long roof in remote Africa!
At 4a.m. Monday morning, Balama time, (9pm EST Sunday night), the missions director of First United Methodist Church, Butler, PA was notified of the need for a new roof on the church.
She immediately contacted other missions members, as Butler is the original sponsor who built this church for the orphans and widows of the Mavala village area.
Thanks to Butler FUMC, the materials to replace this roof were available by Tuesday morning, Balama time, just 48 hours after the tornado had hit it.

Bush Bunnies are known for their tremendous HOPPING ability, and my work crews know how to “Hop to it”!
We hit that place with a 20 man clean-up crew on Monday morning.
The carpenters had the pieces of the old roof torn down, trusses repaired, and all ready for a new roof by late Monday afternoon.
Monday night, we got the word that the funds for the materials and repairs were on their way.
On TUESDAY, 10 carpenters and a truck load of 4X4 beams were headed to Mavala on our tractor.
Those men had one wild hammer party on Tuesday, as they started sawing and nailing rafters into place.
By Thursday, all rafters were up and the 165 tin sheets were bought and hauled the 9 miles to this bush church site on our 6 ton truck.

Church members were waiting for the last nails to be driven in so they could clean up the church for their Christmas Eve prayer meeting that night.
It is amazing what can be done when God “makes a way”.


On Dec. 13th, I received an e-mail from the woman who discipled me through Bible School in Tulsa.
As soon as I saw the subject line (before I even opened the message), I heard the Lord clearly say one word to me.
I immediately thought OK, this must be important. When I opened it, no further explanation was needed.
What I received is this article about Angelica Zambrano’s experience.

Prepare to Meet your God, Angelica Zambrano (23 Horas Muerta)

This testimony is extremely detailed and powerful.
SIX DAYS LATER our Executive Staff had it translated into Portuguese and copies were given to all our Pastors and the BBC team (Bush Bikers for Christ-Village Evangelism Team).
This powerful testimony opened their eyes, and fired them up for what is ahead in these End Times.
Some of them are making more copies to distribute to churches in other counties.
Eric and our Bible School teacher, Pastor Alberto, plan to use it in teaching sessions on Eric’s Christian Radio Programs.


The time of Jesus’ coming is VERY near, yet there are many living in remote areas who have not heard of Him yet.
Our goal is to bring JESUS to as many as will listen.
We want NO ONE to be LEFT BEHIND simple because they were never told about JESUS and his wonderful gift of salvation to mankind.

Happy New Year to all of you!

Bush Bunny Brenda and her Balama Staff

She's a beaut

Mollie, me, Hannah, Kaleena holding Kastyn and Justin.

Daddy's little girl.

My aunt Mollie sure takes good care of me.

And I like to talk to my grandma.

I dont want any more clothes mom and dad. I have enough.

I like to watch them open their gifts.

Going to church on Christmas day.

Dad reading the bible.

My daddy loves me.

Mom and dad opening a gift. Kastyn isnt too interested.


We got home last evening at about 8:20 after a 14 hour drive. We were so very glad to be back in our humble home. I already miss Kastyn, Kaleena and Justin though.

I have a to do list that is quite long of course, on the list is getting caught up on here, but I will just plug along and it will happen.

More later.

Monday, December 19, 2011

missionary update

From: "Brenda Lange"
Date: December 19, 2011 4:47:35 AM CST
Subject: Blog, Dec. 19, 2011


Last night, an intense thunderstorm carrying a tornado hit the village of Mavala where our Mango Tree church and food distribution warehouse now sit.
The roofs were taken from both buildings, and each roof was rolled up like a long piece of twisted bread.
Tins sheets from the 105 foot long church roof were thrown over 100 yards into the village area.
NO ONE was killed, but a few were injured as their mud huts fell on them when the tornado passed over.

Almost every tree in the area is down as are many mud huts and bamboo fences.
Our work crew had to cut up a huge Cashew nut tree just to get to the church as it had fallen across the road.
It took most of the day just to clean up the damaged roof parts.

If you doubt there are angels, you wouldn’t have after seeing that the ONLY THING LEFT STANDING, TOTALLY UNTOUCHED, in the midst of this disaster area was our 2 Pastor’s homes.
One sits between the church and the warehouse, and the other just a stone’s throw on the other side of the church.
Both were in the direct path of the tornado (which bounced after hitting the church and took off the tin roof on the concrete brick school house).
ALL TREES around the houses were blown over or had their trunks broken.

OUR GUARD was sitting on his bed IN THE CHURCH, listening to the intense rain pelt the roof when the roof started ripping off.
He jumped up just seconds before 3 huge pieces of the brick wall fell onto his bed, totally crushing it.
If he hadn’t move when he did, he would have been hit and most likely killed.

The damage will cost about $4,600 to repair both buildings.

Needless to say, this puts a new twist in our Christmas week activities.
We are just grateful that everyone survived.

Needless to say, church will be back under the MANGO TREE till the roof is fixed.
Church hours will remain very flexible in the case of rain.

The two of the triplets are suffering from anemia.
I have them on intense high protein diets and vitamins, but they need your prayer covering too.
One of them is on malaria treatment now.
They are so cute and keep us all busy chasing in 3 directions!
The two of the triplets are suffering from anemia.
I have them on intense high protein diets and vitamins, but they need your prayer covering too.
One of them is on malaria treatment now.
They are so cute and keep us all busy chasing in 3 directions!

Merry Christmas,
Bush Bunny Brenda and her disaster relief team.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

5 minute fudge

5 minute Fudge

1 stick of butter

1 box of powdered sugar

1 large bag of chocolate chips

Melt 1 stick of butter in a sauce pan over low heat. Add entire bag of Chocolate chips, stirring as they melt.

Increase heat to medium and add entire box of powdered sugar, stir mixture until creamy.

Pour mixture into a small flat baking pan, and let cool to room temperature.

To speed up the cooling process you can place the mixture in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes.

Peanut butter and Butterscotch fudge can also be made with this recipe,

just substituting a jar of peanut butter, or a back of butterscotch morsels instead of chocolate chips.


Where's Waldo aka Debbie?

I have been MIA here on my blog for the last several days and for good reason. We traveled to Branson Mo to meet our new granddaughter. I should say I did. Jeff and Joy had to stay home and work. Mollie, Hannah and I are fortunate to be able to make the trip and stay for about two weeks. We will return home around the last of the month.

My daughter and son in law do not have Internet at their home so I am unable to update as often as I normally do. Right now Hannah and I are at McDonald's and poor girl is bored sitting here waiting on mom to do her thing.

I will try to post now and then and add new pictures when I can.

Now about the baby. Her name is Kastyn and she is beautiful. Her skin is lovely as well. She is a good sleeper and has slept 4 to 5 hours at a time in the night since she came home from the hospital. My daughter and son in law don't know how good they have it.

The pictures of Kastyn made her look like she was quite hefty but in reality she is very small. She just weighs 7 lbs. She is eating well and had gained a few ounces at her check up from the time she was released from the hospital.

This will be a strange Christmas being away from Jeff. I sure miss him.

missionary update

From: "Brenda Lange"
Date: December 14, 2011 8:32:54 PM CST
Subject: Bush Bunny speaking schedule

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all of you!
Many have asked me to release my schedule as soon as possible.
I greatly appreciate your love and am looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can during this tour.
It’s a short one, due to the need for me to be back in Moz. to start construction in April.

Below are the invitations I have received so far.
God’s Blessings to all of you as we celebrate our Lord’s birth!
Bush Bunny Brenda


January 29, 9a.m. UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, Garwood, TX
January 29, 11a.m. ROCK ISLAND FULL GOSPEL CHURCH, Rock Island, TX

Feb. 2, 8a.m THE MASTER’S SCHOOL, Student Chapel, San Marcos, TX
Feb. 2, Noon, San Antonio private meeting

Feb. 3, 7pm. PUBLIC MEETING, Masters School, San Marcos, TX
Feb. 5, a.m. service, NORTHCOAST CHURCH, New Braunfels, TX

Feb. 7-9, Wichita Kansas—meetings to be announced
Feb. 12, a.m. service New Life Fellowship, Waco, TX
Feb. 13 to 19, TULSA, OK area

Feb. 14, LIVE BROADCAST, Noon to 1p.m. on Oasis Radio Network, Broken Arrow, OK

Feb. 17, APOSTOLIC FAITH BIBLE SCHOOL, Baxter Springs, Kansas
Feb. 19, a.m. service, TULSA CHRISTIAN CENTER, Owasso, OK

Feb. 20-24 Missouri, meetings to be announced
Feb. 29, 7pm, EVANS BAPTIST CHURCH, Evans, LA

March 4, FAITH COMMUNITY CHAPEL, Leesville, Ohio
March 25, GRACE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH, Flint, TX (near Tyler)

missionary update

From: "Brenda Lange"
Date: December 17, 2011 6:34:25 AM CST
Subject: Blog, Dec. 17, 2011

First, you must think HOT for Christmas. In South Africa and Mozambique, those that can, go to the beach to celebrate the holidays.
It’s 100 F (39C) and humid, as the rainy season has arrived.
We get afternoon and evening rains 3-4 days a week now.

Most Mozambican children do not know what Christmas is, because they don’t know about Jesus.
In Balama county alone, there are an estimated 80,000 children under 15 years of age (16 is an adult and most are married by then).
So the 1,200 in our Balama county orphan support program are a small percentage.
But our church numbers have grown to include 12 remote villages.
Two more “shade tree” churches have just been planted this month in the Impire area by Pastor Gito. (he’s a real fire ball of an evangelist).
We still have lots of work ahead to reach all these children with the news of Jesus’ birth.
The Pastors at these remote churches are the ones who will make it happen.
ALL 1,700 orphans in our Balama and Meluco programs know of Jesus, and many have accepted him as Lord and Savior.

Our remote village churches celebrate Christmas with a special church service on Christmas Day, followed by a small feast if they so desire.
Each church decides what program they will do.
In Balama town, the 115 orphans living in our houses will celebrate with a party this Wed., Dec. 21st.
They will receive a goat and rice feast, with plenty of balloons, candy, cookies, and a giant sucker for dessert!
We’ll have games and sing songs to Jesus too.
Usually our mornings are free of rain, but we will ask the Lord to hold back the clouds just in case, as sometimes the clouds let loose at noon.

Dixon came to our baby care program on Thursday, and after 10 days of not seeing him, I marvelled at his improvement.
No longer can you see every bone in his little body.
He’s way behind his growth curve being only 3.5Kg (7.7 lbs) at 5 months of age.
But he’s a fighter with a joyful spirit.
His Mom is taking excellent care of him too.
(I took photos, so I’ll post them on our website in January.)

YIPPEE! Our workers as well as our orphans were literally jumping for JOY when they heard that Mama Linda is returning.
Her smiling face and grandma hugs has been greatly missed by all!

Yeap, Bush Bunny is holding down the fort for the next 3 weeks.
Gets a bit lonely around here with no one to talk to in English.
So please feel free to send me an e-mail. It helps break up the “after work hour” loneliness.
Tried to teach my guard dogs to play scrabble, but their spelling is really bad, and the oldest dog, Bandito, kept wanting to chew up the letters. J
Don’t worry, I always get a bit “bush batty” at this time of year.

Dorm Construction continues at full force, as we try to complete the 2 dorm rooms before I leave Moz. on Jan. 18th.
I’ll spend a few days taking a break in South Africa before starting the speaking tour in the USA.
Really looking forward to seeing everyone!

Bush Bunny Brenda

missionary update

From: "Brenda Lange"
Date: December 18, 2011 5:17:59 AM CST
Subject: Blog, Dec. 18, 2011


My Orphan Evangelical Team and I set off at 7:30a.m. in overcast skies that turned to a light downpour as we got near the Pequaria church.
That road has some areas that are pure clay, so needless to say it was like driving on a slip and slide trying to keep from falling into the ditch.
The pick-up had to be left on the road with someone to watch it as it was pouring rain, and the ground was too soft to drive on.
When the children saw me drive up they ran out into the rain jumping and shouting that I was here.
My first though was how did that many kids pack themselves into the church? I didn’t know you could stuff that many people in that small building!
But we managed to repack everyone in for an hour of praise, worship, and the story of Jesus’ birth.

More than 100 children and a hand full of adults attended our Sunday school this morning in the pouring rain, as many had to stand in the doors and windows to be able to see the story book.
An estimated 50 of these kids have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Many kids and a few adults came out of curiosity, and they left with lots to think about.
No doubt about it, we are going to have to enlarge that church next year.
Jesus is really moving among the children there.

At 9a.m., we drove off in the drizzle to see if we could get to the Naccaca church. I am now teaching at both churches each Sunday.
When we got near the small grass roofed veranda with open sides, it had the normal 20 adults and a hand full of kids in attendance that I’d seen the week before.
Two weeks ago, we bought a mud hut for Pastor Luis, who left the BBC to Pastor this church. ($300 mud hut investment)
He has been evangelizing the villagers ever since, and today we saw the fruit from his endless visits to their mud huts.

Again, I had to leave the truck about 100 yards away due to soft ground, and one of the orphan boys stayed there to protect it.
After we started singing at the church, a crowd of children and a few adults began to gather at the truck. I’d told, Egito, the orphan guard, that if people came to the truck, to tell them about Jesus.
Instead, he persuaded them to join us!
Adding 70 kids and 10 adults to our crowd made our little hut standing room only!
After telling them WHY God had to send Jesus, I told them HOW God sent Jesus.
Many things followed as they asked questions and the Holy Spirit sent the answers.
We talked about everything from heaven to hell and how to have faith for healing.
They were HUNGRY for JESUS and after an hour of teaching, one of the older men stood up and thanked me for clarifying why God sent Jesus.
He said it all made sense now and they asked me to please come back next week and teach them more.

FYI: Those 70 kids didn’t utter one peep during that hour of teaching and storytelling. They sat on the dirt floor with eyes as big as saucers, glued to our picture books. Most of these kids have never seen a book of any kind, much less one with poster size color pictures. (We use the picture books from Children’s Evangelical Fellowship.) They are great teaching tools.

Opening the mind of a child (or an adult) is one of the most fun things I get to do here.
The expressions on their faces are priceless!
The only thing better is seeing them respond to God’s love and having them receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

At the altar call, 3 men who had come in late, received Jesus as their Savior today.
So it looks like Pequaria was my training ground, as Naccaca village has over 5,000 people compared to Pequarias 1,000.
I told Pastor Luis and the church leaders to cut some more poles and enlarge their grass hut before next Sunday.
It’s obvious to all that a BIG CHURCH must be built next year as Naccaca is waking up to God’s message of salvation.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all of you.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kastyn Kayde Porter

She is sucking her finger. Better get a pacifier.

She's here

This morning my daughter text ed me and said her water might have broken. It was more like a tear, just a little bit. She went on to church and then to the hospital so they could check her. Next thing I know she is saying that the baby is breech and she has to have a C-section. I prayed with her right away and continued praying. She was quite scared.

Well God answered our prayers and she is fine and so is Kastyn Kade. Weighing in at 7lbs. 19.5 inches long. Edited to add: she was born at 1:36pm.

Kaleena was breech but she came the regular way. Its strange that she had a breech baby too. Also my water just tore with her and didn't break. I told her like mother like daughter. At least they were neither one born in the elevator at the hospital like I was.

Thank you Jesus for watching over my family and keeping them safe.

A little levity

missionary update

From: "Brenda Lange"
Date: December 11, 2011 5:22:50 AM CST
Subject: Blog Dec. 11, 2011


Today, I taught at both these churches, which makes for a very busy morning.

At Pequaria:
JACINTO is doing marvellously (both physically and spiritually).
His EYES were so ALIVE and sparkled with JOY!
He was laughing and singing along with the rest of us.
A big change from the solemn, mute young man I met 5 weeks ago.
I asked Pastor Tomas what is making the difference?
I was told that JACINTO is at Pastor’s mud hut daily to listen to the Church’s AUDIO BIBLE in Makua.
For those who can’t read, HEARING God’s Word is a precious gift.
Jacinto is doing what all new Christians should do—FEED on God’s Word. The results are written in his sparkling eyes.

Jacinto’s feet are no longer swollen, and his eye lid color is now light red instead of pale white.
Thanks to the gifts we received to provide him with a high protein diet, he is making a fast recovery.

THE AUDIO BIBLE IN MAKUA, our local tribal language, is an item I’d like to add to our WISH LIST.
$40 provides this invaluable gift to a bush church.
Since illiteracy is 85-90% in remote villages, this is the ONLY WAY a new Christian is able to know what the Bible says.

AMEDO—the 3 year old who received a transfusion 10 days ago, is looking much stronger.
His name means “no fear” or courageous.
He is truly that, as he is one tough little boy to have survived all he’s been through.
He, too, is receiving a high protein diet to hasten his recovery, and his father received corn and bean seeds today.
The rainy season has begun, and our clay based roads are getting muddy.

ERMALINDA, the 9 year old who was delivered from demons 2 weeks ago, has changed drastically!
Today, she actually made eye contact and talked to us.
Her father was out of town when his wife brought Ermalinda for prayer.
He told us the dramatic difference in her caused him to believe immediately in Jesus!
On his knees before the church this morning, with his daughter and wife at this side, he repeated the sinner’s prayer to receive Jesus.
God is changing many lives in this little village that was steeped in witch craft before Jesus sent us there.

PEQUARIA’S VILLAGERS are “waking up” to the fact that Jesus is the truth, the way, and the light. He answers prayer, and heals the sick.
There is never a dull moment in this village, and there is always an adventure waiting for us on Sundays.

NACCACA CHURCH is now 3 weeks old, and the 32 adults and children sat attentively today on their bamboo benches as we explained through dramas and picture stories how to walk with Jesus. They proudly showed me a small bamboo “veranda” they built this week which needs a grass roof.
The members built it to serve as their temporary church for the rainy season.
The members say that they would like to build a permanent church in May when the rains stop.

Their biggest need is for a water well.
They are truly suffering from lack of water, and with your help, we would like to provide them with a well in 2012.
This village has 5,000 people and only one hand pump water well.
To receive 20 liters (5 gallons) of water, a person must stand in line for 8 hours and pay 4 cents U.S.
With temperatures at 100 F (38C heat) in the sun, that is not an easy thing to do.
That adds up to a lot of money/family each day, and these people don’t have it.
The Normal water price from a village well is 15 CENTS U.S. per MONTH.
To survive, these families must live on 5 gallons of water/day and spend $1.20/month.
Those who don’t have the money, must walk to PEQUARIA, 6 miles away to get water from traditional wells.


A WATER WELL IS A GIFT OF LIFE that keeps a village healthy.
$10,000 for a well is only $2/person for a LIFE TIME of clean water in this village.
The church has been given a large piece of land by the village chief, and there is plenty of room for a water well to benefit their neighbourhood.
I know there is underground water as there is a traditional well about 8 meters deep at the mud hut we purchased this week for Pastor Luis who now heads up that church.
It is dry at this time, but it lets us know that most of the year the water table is not very deep.
The water is there, we just need to give them access to it.

Some of you have asked about shoes and clothing costs for our children:

A shirt with shorts or skirt costs $7/child.
We have 1,700 children in the program who need our clothing help.

Of the 115 orphans living with us in Balama, 54 are in school, and must have school uniforms (we make them ourselves) and shoes in order to attend school.
The village children do not required to have uniforms, only those attending the school in Balama town.

54 UNIFORMS and sets of SHOES needed:
Uniforms cost $15/child (our sewing department provides them with a white short sleeve shirt/blouse, and dark blue pants or skirts.)
School Shoes are $20/child.

THE BUSH BUNNY’S USA TOUR SCHEDULE will be released by late December.

I am looking to seeing many of you as I tour 7 states to share what God is doing in Mozambique.

Bush Bunny Brenda and the Balama staff


Standard Bank-Hatfield
(branch code) 011-54515
Name: Orphans Unlimited
Acct. # 017743036

phone: 979-234-3422 or 713-854-9197
Brenda’s Blog is Posted at:
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

missionary update

From: "Brenda Lange"
Date: December 10, 2011 3:29:13 AM CST
Subject: Blog, Dec. 10, 2011


Thanks to a very generous family foundation out of Dallas, TX, I was able to order the NISSAN UD 70 truck from the South African factory last Thursday.
If all goes as planned, Eric should be able to pick it up in Maputo in Mid-April, just in time for food buying in May.

This means:
1. With government permission, we now have the capability to expand in 2012 to help the orphans of Namuno county just 20 miles south of us. This is the area where a tornado levelled 5 villages in October.
The governor declared it a disaster area, and your love gifts provided them with 6 tons of food to help 100+ families get a restart in life.
We wanted to open an orphan program there this year, but were hindered because the government would not allow us to expand until our program is re-licensed (our documents are at the national capital now for approval), AND our one truck was already stretched to its limits serving the 1,600 orphans in the program plus the 115 orphans we added at the Elephant Village.

2. FOR 6 YEARS our food distribution program was at great risk with only 1 truck and 1 tractor to do all the work for food buying, distributing, and construction.
Each Year, our 6 ton Nissan hauled over 100 TONS of corn, beans (500 tons bought and 500 tons distributed), as well as most of the construction supplies needed for new churches, and orphan homes. IF IT HAD BROKEN DOWN then many children would have suffered hunger until it was fixed.
Repairs are not easily done since spare parts have to come from over 1000 miles away.
God was faithful and helped Eric Dry, our Associate Manager and master diesel mechanic, to keep it in great shape.
We had NO breakdowns in 6 years, other than flat tires due to hitting tree stumps in the bush.
This truck will continue working side by side with the new truck to benefit this program.

3. The 2nd truck will save time and money, as several of our distribution sites needed 7 tons of food.
Our current truck had to make 2 loads to get it all out there, but this truck can do it in one load.

4. We’ll also be able to organize TWO PROGRAMS in different counties on the same day, meaning we can serve many more children at the same time.

This bunny is so happy that words can’t describe my JOY!
The Bush Bunny is HOPPING HIGH!

God is making a way for us to RESCUE UNLIMITED NUMBERS OF ORPHANS.
When I received God’s vision for the Moz. orphans, He showed me a SEA OF CHILDREN’S FACES.
God’s “sea of faces” is starting to roll in.

PRAYER NEEDS for 2012:
We are asking the Lord for a 2nd truck driver, food warehouse #4 and 50 tons of food to fill that warehouse, so we can bless at least 300 orphans in Namuno county in 2012.
We also need to pray in the right Pastor/Administrator to run the Namuno project.
TWO MORE MISSIONARIES will be needed to handle this expansion, as Eric and I already handle a heavy leadership work load with those we serve in 2 counties.
A small FOOD WAREHOUSE and church will be needed in Namuno, as none exists.

Together, we can walk “hand in hand” with the least of these that Jesus has asked us to rescue.

Dixon is not out of danger yet, but after 30 days in the hospital, he’s putting on weight and looking very happy.
The Balama Dr. told me that EVERYONE who visits the hospital hears about Dixon’s fighting spirit and the fact that he always greets you with a smile.
The JOY he radiates is infectious and has blessed us all.
His first “weigh in” at our Balama Baby Care Center revealed his continued weight gain, and a stronger hand grip.
He is approaching 5 months, and will be started on rice cereal next week.
Within 2 weeks we hope to have him eating the high protein HYPO cereal with immune system boosters.
Once he can eat this, he will gain weight and build his natural immunities very quickly.
All our malnourished babies do very well on Hypo.

BABY AMEDO is the severely malnourished and anemic 3 year old we rescued 2 weeks ago when his parents brought him for prayer at the Pequaria church.
He was given a ride home last Saturday when the hospital released him after a successful transfusion. Our biggest challenge was finding someone willing to donate blood.
The locals here are very superstitious about this and most only donate to a family member.
His father and mother were too anemic and malnourished themselves to be donors. Once we found out Dixon’s blood type (there is no cross matching possible in our area), we began the search for a man with O+ blood. I’m O+ but they refuse to take a foreigner’s blood. It must be a Mozambican to reduce the risk of a reaction.
Pastor Jose, our new youth pastor/evangelist, gladly gave to save this little boy’s life.
We dropped them in Pequaria with a bag of food and Hypo Cereal for Amedo.
The whole family which includes a 5 year old sister and a baby brother, will enter our nutritional program to help them all regain their health.
Corn and Bean seeds will be taken to them when I go teach tomorrow at the church. They were starving, so ate their seed corn to stay alive.
Your Love Gift of seed will help this family become self-sufficient once again.

FYI: Pastor Jose will take my place in ministering at the Pequaria church while I’m in the USA in Feb. and March.
The Naccaca church is now open with a fast growing congregation after 2 meetings with over 60 adults and 30 children.
Kwe Kwe church reports that it is “bulging at its seems” on Sundays as many flock to hear about this “Jesus” who heals diseases.
GOD IS MOVING IN BALAMA COUNTY like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

P.S. Due to limited e-mail service here, I do not receive Facebook, Linked In, or any other services of that type.
Thanks for asking me, but joining up on these programs is not possible.

Due to “iffy” internet this week, I am sending this blog a bit early.
If anything exciting happens Sunday, by assured, you will hear about it!

Blessings, Bush Bunny Brenda and the Balama staff



Below are the items we most need for 2012.
Thank you for showing your love for Jesus by giving a gift to our orphans.

Goat: $60 each (a 2 for one gift, as this price is for a pregnant female)
Your gift will help an orphan start his own herd and thus give him an income.
Goat meat is in high demand in Mozambique, making this a profitable
venture for the teenage orphans.

Duck: $8 each (a duck project is being started for eggs and meat for the
Chickens in Moz. are poor quality and offer few eggs and little meat.


DISH SET: 6 metal plates, cups and spoons, $18. (23 sets needed)
BED SHEETS: (we buy the material and make our own) $12/set of 2 sheets
(115 sets needed)
BLANKETS: $12 each (115 needed)
SOCCER BALLS: $20 each (as many as we can get)

PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT NEEDED for 2 different playgrounds
6 rope swings with wooden seats: ($12 each)
2 slides: $100 each
One Playhouse: $500


5 BRICK ORPHAN HOUSES MUST BE BUILT BY DEC. 2012 or 22 of our orphans who
have no family will be sent back to their home villages.
This is due to new orphan housing regulations initiated in Sept. 2011.

The 30,000 bricks to “BUILD THE WALLS” have been made, but help is needed
to cover the building cost (estimated $5,000/house at current prices).
There is a “piece of a house” in every price range below.

10 SOLID WOOD DOORS: $75 each or $750 for 5 houses
20 Wooden Shuttered windows with mosquito screen $40 each. ($800 for all
20 windows)
Rock for house foundation: $200 ($1,000 for all 5 houses)
Cement for house foundation: $210 each ($1,050 for 5 houses)
Tin Roof: $750 each house ($3,750 for 5 houses)
Concrete floor: $400 each house ($2,000 for 5 houses)
Rebar for ring beam at top of house: $150 each house ($750 for 5 houses)

ONE WALL: $745 (cement and labor to put the bricks together).
4 WALLS : $2, 980.


(supplies water for over 700 families (2,800 people) and is a gift that
lasts a lifetime)



Brenda and the Balama Staff


Standard Bank-Hatfield
(branch code) 011-54515
Name: Orphans Unlimited
Acct. # 017743036

phone: 979-234-3422 or 713-854-9197
Brenda’s Blog is Posted at:
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Standard Bank-Hatfield
(branch code) 011-54515
Name: Orphans Unlimited
Acct. # 017743036

phone: 979-234-3422 or 713-854-9197
Brenda’s Blog is Posted at:
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More Etsy listings

I added several items to my Etsy shop today. Go check them out and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I better get things finished up

Kastyn, my newest granddaughter will be arriving soon so I'd better get loose ends tied up and things prepared to go if I want to be there when she arrives. She is due Dec 18th but doesn't seem to want to wait that long. Hannah doesn't get out of school until the 16th so I am praying she holds off at least till then.

I need to get thing finished up and in the mail and make sure I have everything I have planned to take to Kaleena's ready. I am sure hoping that Mollie will be able to make the trip with us so there will be an extra driver besides another aunt to see Kastyn. We already know that Joy wont be able to come along because of her job. She is hoping to take a few days off after the first of the year and make a trip up there to see her new niece. Maybe I could go with her to help her drive and see the baby again.

I finished the cutest puppy hat yesterday and need to get pictures of all my latest hats taken and put in my Etsy shop. I have a cammo sock monkey hat that is adorable as well as two bright pink and purple sock monkey hats. Then I also have several ear warmers to get photo's of as well. Today I am working on a frog hat. Then I have some other hats in my mind that I want to try. Next year I should be well stocked up on hats for sales and craft shows. This year I only did one craft show and hopefully next year I will have more crafts made up so I can do more of them. They have several around this area especially around the holidays.

I broke down and turned the heater on this morning. I am just trying to raise the temperature to at least 68 and then I will shut it back off. We have one of those oil filled heater which does a great job but this morning it just needed a little help. I see its 67 in here now so I will shut the heater off soon. Of course I dress warmly and now blow dry my hair after a shower. I bought a blow dryer at a garage sale last weekend and that is a real blessing.

Did I tell you that we won a $100.00 gift card to Walmart/Sams at Jeff's Christmas party? We had a great meal and then won the gift card. Aside from the fact that the party was held in a bar and the cigarette smoke was nasty the party turned out great. We took the card and went to Sam's Sunday afternoon and stocked up on several things and we even splurged and bought a cooked, sliced brisket. Yummm. It was really nice not having to be so tight with the pocket book just once. I probably should not have bought the brisket but it sure is good.

I hope the weather warms up in the next day or so because I will be needing to wash clothes. It sure is a blessing to live in a warmer climate where we can almost always do our wash here at home even if it is outside. The other day I was talking to my mom on the phone and she asked what I was doing and I told her I was washing clothes. She said it must be warmer where I was because it was 20 degrees where she was. Yep, it was in the 50's here.

I hope you are all warm and snug and have a place to sleep and are safe. I know sometimes I think I have it hard but at least I have a snug home and food. I pray blessing on all of you my readers that you too have a place to sleep and food to eat. God bless you.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Super soft natural fiber earflap hat

This ear flap hat is my latest listing in my Etsy shop. Its made from natural fibers called bamboo spun yarn. Its variegated green with dark rust trim. This hat is listed at $25.00 and can be custom made in any color this yarn is available in. If you are interested please let me know what colors you want and I will see if it is available. I hope to get a few more items listed in my shop this week that I have completed.

Remember to shop hand made whenever possible.

Good to remember

missionary update

Hello Friends,
The e mail system in Mozambique continues to be unreliable. Brenda was able to
send one short message today before loosing contact.

The Bush Bunny asked me to share with you the good news that the three year old from Paquaria who was brought to the church by his distraught parents is out
of the hospital. For lack of 22 cents this baby was denied care and was near death
from extreme Anemia when Brenda first saw him.

After a week in hospital and a transfusion the baby is home. Brenda will follow up
with worm meds and a nutrition program. This very sick child should make a full,
if not quick, recovery.

Jacinto, the young mute boy who was healed has been talking up a storm. He has become a real chatterbox, to the delight of all.

Brenda was able to jot down her Christmas Wish List before the e mail system failed.

Please read below:

Date: December 3, 2011 8:34:14 PM CST
Subject: WISH LIST Dec. 2011


Below are the items we most need for 2012.
Thank you for showing your love for Jesus by giving a gift to our orphans.

Goat: $60 each (a 2 for one gift, as this price is for a pregnant female)
Your gift will help an orphan start his own herd and thus give him an income.
Goat meat is in high demand in Mozambique, making this a profitable
venture for the teenage orphans.

Duck: $8 each (a duck project is being started for eggs and meat for the
Chickens in Moz. are poor quality and offer few eggs and little meat.


DISH SET: 6 metal plates, cups and spoons, $18. (23 sets needed)
BED SHEETS: (we buy the material and make our own) $12/set of 2 sheets
(115 sets needed)
BLANKETS: $12 each (115 needed)
SOCCER BALLS: $20 each (as many as we can get)

PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT NEEDED for 2 different playgrounds
6 rope swings with wooden seats: ($12 each)
2 slides: $100 each
One Playhouse: $500


5 BRICK ORPHAN HOUSES MUST BE BUILT BY DEC. 2012 or 22 of our orphans who
have no family will be sent back to their home villages.
This is due to new orphan housing regulations initiated in Sept. 2011.

The 30,000 bricks to “BUILD THE WALLS” have been made, but help is needed
to cover the building cost (estimated $5,000/house at current prices).
There is a “piece of a house” in every price range below.

10 SOLID WOOD DOORS: $75 each or $750 for 5 houses
20 Wooden Shuttered windows with mosquito screen $40 each. ($800 for all
20 windows)
Rock for house foundation: $200 ($1,000 for all 5 houses)
Cement for house foundation: $210 each ($1,050 for 5 houses)
Tin Roof: $750 each house ($3,750 for 5 houses)
Concrete floor: $400 each house ($2,000 for 5 houses)
Rebar for ring beam at top of house: $150 each house ($750 for 5 houses)

ONE WALL: $745 (cement and labor to put the bricks together).
4 WALLS : $2, 980.


(supplies water for over 700 families (2,800 people) and is a gift that
lasts a lifetime)



Brenda and the Balama Staff


Standard Bank-Hatfield
(branch code) 011-54515
Name: Orphans Unlimited
Acct. # 017743036

phone: 979-234-3422 or 713-854-9197
Brenda’s Blog is Posted at:
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Now what?

Friday, December 2, 2011

missionary update

Hello Friends,

Because e mail service is down in Balama, Mozambique at this time, I am writing this Blog memo for Bush Bunny Brenda. She is hoping to be back on line before the weekend, but as you know, nothing is sure as far as tech challenges in Africa. It wasn’t long ago that Brenda had to walk a mile to climb a tall ant hill to get a cell phone signal.

BBB wants you all to know she was able to drive an hour to the little town of Mampula and get her email. She was told the tower in Balama had been repaired and she planned to answer email on her return to the mission station. Surprise! No service….. So know she will reply as soon as possible.

Christmas is coming and we have asked Brenda to prepare her “wish list”

for those who want to give a gift for Christmas. We have a Grandmother and Grandfather who plan on giving a goat to the ministry in the name of each of their Grandchildren. What a great idea!

Pray the email service is restored by Saturday, so Brenda can get the Wish List published so you can have a copy to take to Sunday School if you want to.

Thanks for your faithfull prayer support.


Linda Ferguson

Orphans Unlimited

Standard Bank-Hatfield
(branch code) 011-54515
Name: Orphans Unlimited
Acct. # 017743036

phone: 979-234-3422 or 713-854-9197
Brenda’s Blog is Posted at:
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Tammy's enchalada sauce

Homemade Enchilada Sauce
Thu, 2011-12-01 13:25 by Tammy Tags:MiscellaneousRecipe Name:
Homemade Enchilada Sauce
A smooth, red enchilada sauce that's easy to make and so delicious!

5 cups

3 cups chicken broth, vegetable broth, or even just water
1 can (14.5 ounces) diced tomatoes*
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 large clove garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/3 cup chili powder
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup all-purpose flour

Optional: Cayenne pepper added (to taste) at the end, if you like hot enchilada sauce

1. Place all ingredients into blender** and blend on high until smooth. Pour into a 3- or 4-quart sauce pan. Or, place ingredients into a 4-quart sauce pan (no heat) and blend with an immersion blender (stick blender) until smooth.

2. Heat mixture in sauce pan over medium heat, whisking frequently, until mixture thickens and boils. Let boil for 30 seconds, then remove from heat. Cool. Taste, and whisk in some cayenne pepper if you want a hotter sauce.

Use in any recipe calling for enchilada sauce.

Beef Enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce

Additional Notes:
*You can use 8 ounces of tomato sauce + 1 cup water instead of the can of diced tomatoes. In that case, skip Step 1, put all ingredients into a 3- or 4-quart pan, and whisk briskly (no heat) until smooth. Then, proceed with Step 2.

**If you have a high-powered blender, like a Vitamix, this recipe can be made start-to-finish in the blender. Just put ingredients in the blender and blend on high until very hot and thick (7-8 minutes).

Preparation Time:
5 minutes

Cooking Time:
15 minutes

Tammy's Review:
This recipe makes a delicious, mild enchilada sauce. (Just add cayenne if you want it hot!) So easy and so much better than canned enchilada sauce from the store.


Do you have a smart phone?

I saw this on Jennifers blog. Its quite scarey. She made a super frugal cell phone bag so she could find her phone in her purse and ended up with a bag that protects her info from stores as well. I am thinking this would work for credit and debit card protection as well.
Visit Jennifers blog here:

Raggedy Ann

He was born John Barton Gruelle in Arcola, Illinois. His father Richard Gruelle was an artist affiliated with Hoosier Group of Indiana artists. His first well known cartooning work was Mr. Twee Deedle which Gruelle created after he beat out 1,500 entrants to win a cartooning contest sponsored in 1911 by The New York Herald. Mr. Twee Deedle was in print from 1911 to 1914.

Gruelle gave his daughter Marcella a dusty, faceless rag doll which she found in the attic. He drew a face on the doll and named her Raggedy Ann. Marcella played with the doll so much, Gruelle figured other children would like the doll too. Gruelle's Raggedy Ann doll U.S. Patent D47,789 was dated September 7, 1915. In 1918, the PF Volland Company published Raggedy Ann Stories. Gruelle then created a series of popular Raggedy Ann books and dolls. These became Volland's major source of revenue.

Marcella Gruelle, after being vaccinated at her school for smallpox, was given an unidentified second shot without parental consent. She soon contracted diphtheria and died at the age of 13. After this blow, family friends described Gruelle as "possessed, with a heavy countenance, and ... with the only thing he would bear to have near him as a reminder of Marcella a rag doll."

Gruelle lived in the Silvermine section of New Canaan, Connecticut, where the dolls were first mass produced, and later moved his home and company to neighboring Wilton, Connecticut. Gruelle spent a year in Ashland, Oregon from 1923-1924.[2] He had a long-standing heart condition, and died in Miami Beach, Florida on January 8, 1938, of a heart attack.[3]

source: Wickipedia

Go here for a more in debt account of the life of this young girl.

This looks like an interesting new blog to read.

This n that and a rant or vent

~Today is a nice day so I am washing the bedding including the pillows.
~Got the steam canner, jars, lids and such out, and will try to get started getting the sauerkraut canned.
~Between this I am trying to finish up an afghan I am making for my new grand baby. I am almost done and so is she. (A joke meaning she is almost term)
~I am enjoying having the door and windows open with a slight breeze outside.
~I am listening to The Christmas Carol on audio books. If it doesn't bore me to death I will hear the whole book today.

~Mollie went to pick up her check at the place she worked for only a week. Of course they cheated her out of one full day and now say they can do nothing about it. Long story, makes me mad how people use others.

~Joy is working 9-4 today.

~Hannah is at school.

~Jeff is working as usual. Yesterday he didn't even get home before he got called back. One thing good is that if he gets out of the gate before they call him back its automatic over time.

~The donkey across the way is talking up a storm. He/she goes at it at all hours of the day/night. I always wonder if a stray animal is around and he is protecting his flock/herd.

~The landlord had a new septic tank installed last week and gave notice that our lot rent will go up $40.00 per slot, that makes it $80.00 more a month for us. I got a bit upset because we have lived here 7 months and the sewer never worked right. It belched out stuff when we drained our tank so that we had to drain a tiny bit at a time. And stunk like crazy. If you have or ever have had an RV you will know that that is the worst thing you can do for your holding tanks. Now he gets it fixed and we have to pay for it. Grrrrr. That doesn't seem fair but Jeff says that's the way life is.

~Friday is the company Christmas party and we have RSVP'd. They supposedly give away nice gifts. If we win something it would be neat if it was something we could use. Like a brand new washing machine. lol I am a dreamer aren't I?

~When my husband died people gave money to be saved for the girls education. I invested the money and it did pretty well for a few years, then 9-11 happened and it bottomed out. Kaleena got her money when she was in college and I held on as long as I could for the other girls and finally got the money out and divided it between the girls. That was two years ago. The amount ended up being something like $2,600.00 each. Yesterday I got a letter from my late husbands sister accusing me of stealing the money and not doing right by the girls. She came to this conclusion because Joy told her she had a job and was trying to save money for school. I gave them the money over two years ago and that small amount isn't going to send them all the way through college. It wouldn't even cover most trade schools. It made my heart hurt for her to think I stole from my own kids. But like Joy said, she knows the truth and the other girls know the truth and I know the truth. The old saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me is about as untrue and they get. I just have to remember that this sister in law has never liked me and seems to blame me for her brothers death. She has done many things through the years but seems to be escalating her hate towards me the last few months. Kaleenas baby is due in a couple of weeks so we are going there for Christmas and so the sister in law is furious that we aren't all even Kaleena going to her place. I think she has lost touch with reality.
~OK, sorry for the rant. Sometimes it just hurts so bad when people are so mean. I need to put on my big girl pants and get over it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lights on the square

This is how they decorate the square here.

Here is another view.

Its really hard to catch the effect.

I wish we had gotten a better pix of the gazebo. Its amazing. What is really cool is that its something like fifty some degrees outside and you can walk around the square without freezing to death.


•Take your bananas apart when you get home from the store. If you leave them connected at the stem, they ripen faster.

•Store your opened chunks of cheese in aluminum foil. It will stay fresh much longer and not mold!

•Peppers with 3 bumps on the bottom are sweeter and better for eating. Peppers with 4 bumps on the bottom are firmer and better for cooking.

•Add a teaspoon of water when frying ground beef. It will help pull the grease away from the meat while cooking.

•To really make scrambled eggs or omelets rich add a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream, cream cheese, or heavy cream in and then beat them up. (on a healthier note...try adding water)

•For a cool brownie treat, make brownies as directed. Melt Andes mints in double broiler and pour over warm brownies. Let set for a wonderful minty frosting.

•Add garlic immediately to a recipe if you want a light taste of garlic, and at the end of the recipe if you want a stronger taste of garlic.

•Leftover snickers bars from Halloween make a delicious dessert. Simply chop them up with the food chopper. Peel, core and slice a few apples. Place them in a baking dish and sprinkle the chopped candy bars over the apples. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes!!! Serve alone or with vanilla ice cream. Yummy!

•Reheat Pizza Heat up leftover pizza in a nonstick skillet on top of the stove, set heat to med-low and heat till warm. This keeps the crust crispy. No soggy micro pizza. I saw this on the cooking channel and it really works.

•Easy Deviled Eggs: Put cooked egg yolks in a zip lock bag. Seal, mash till they are all broken up. Add remainder of ingredients, reseal, keep mashing it up mixing thoroughly, cut the tip of the baggy, squeeze mixture into egg. Just throw bag away when done easy clean up.

•Expanding Frosting: When you buy a container of cake frosting from the store, whip it with your mixer for a few minutes. You can double it in size. You get to frost more cake/cupcakes with the same amount. You also eat less sugar and calories per serving.

•Reheating refrigerated bread: To warm biscuits, pancakes, or muffins that were refrigerated, place them in a microwave with a cup of water. The increased moisture will keep the food moist and help it reheat faster.

•Newspaper weeds away: Plant your plants in the ground, work the nutrients in your soil. Then wet newspapers, put layers around the plants overlapping as you go, cover with mulch, and forget about weeds. Weeds will get through some gardening plastic they will not get through wet newspapers.

•Broken Glass: Use a wet cotton ball or Q-tip to pick up the small shards of glass you can't see easily.

•No More Mosquitoes: Place a dryer sheet in your pocket. It will keep the mosquitoes away.

•To keep squirrels from eating your plants, sprinkle your plants with cayenne pepper. The cayenne pepper doesn't hurt the plant and the squirrels won't come near it. (Wonder if this works with deer? Sure gonna give it a try)

•Flexible vacuum: To get something out of a heat register or under the fridge add an empty paper towel roll or empty gift wrap roll to your vacuum. It can be bent or flattened to get in narrow openings.

•Pin a small safety pin to the seam of your slip to eliminate static cling. It works! Same thing works with slacks that cling when wearing panty hose. Place pin in seam of slacks and ... Ta DA! ... Static is gone.

•Before you pour sticky substances into a measuring cup, fill with hot water when cooking. Dump out the hot water, but don't dry cup. Next, add your ingredient (peanut butter, for example) and watch how easily it comes right out.

•De-fog your windshield: Buy a chalkboard eraser and keep it in the glove box of your car When the windows fog, rub with the eraser! Works better than a cloth!

•Re-opening envelopes: If you seal an envelope and then realize you forgot to include something inside, just place your sealed envelope in the freezer for an hour or two. Voila! It unseals easily.

•Use your hair conditioner to shave your legs. It's cheaper than shaving cream and leaves your legs really smooth. It's also a great way to use up the conditioner you bought but didn't like when you tried it in your hair.

•Goodbye Fruit Flies: To get rid of pesky fruit flies, take a small glass, fill it 1/2' with Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 drops of dish washing liquid; mix well. You will find those flies drawn to the cup and gone forever!

•Get Rid of Ants with cornmeal. Put small piles of cornmeal where you see ants. They eat it, take it 'home,' can't digest it so it kills them. It may take a week or so, especially if it rains, but it works and you don't have the worry about pets or small children being harmed!

•Wash your dryer filter: Dryer sheets cause a film over that mesh in your filter. You can't SEE the film, but it's there. It's what is in the dryer sheets to make your clothes soft and static free, and smell good. Apparently that stuff builds up on your clothes and on your lint screen. This is what causes dryer units to potentially burn your house down with it! The best way to keep your dryer working for a long time (and to keep your electric bill lower) is to take that filter out and wash it with hot soapy water and an old toothbrush (or other brush) at least every six months.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yolanda's poor man's pecan pie

My friend Yolanda posted this recipe on her blog and I asked her if I could share it on mine. She was happy to share the recipe since it was given to her by a dear friend of hers. The picture is the pies Yolanda made.
You can read Yolanda's blog here:

Oatmeal Pie - 1 pie (9 inch)

Pie filling -

2/3 cup butter
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
2/3 cup quick rolled oats
2/3 cup light corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
a pinch of salt

Combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl and mix well with an electric mixer. Pour it into a prepared, Unbaked pie shell. Bake at 350 degrees F for 45 minutes. Cool completely. It does not have to be refrigerated. I've never frozen one, so I have no idea if it will freeze well.

Pie crust - 1 pie shell

1 1/4 cups white flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup cold lard
cold milk

Combine flour and salt. Cut in the lard until crumbly. Gradually add the cold milk until the dough holds together well enough to roll out easily. Gather it together on a flour surface into a nice ball and then flatten it and roll it out. Place in the pie pan. Flute the edges

Spices that are good for your health

By Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D., Associate Nutrition Editor at EatingWell Magazine

As a registered dietitian and associate nutrition editor at EatingWell Magazine, I know that herbs and spices do more than simply add flavor to food. They let you cut down on some less-healthy ingredients, such as salt, added sugars and saturated fat, and some have inherent health benefits, many of which Joyce Hendley reported on for EatingWell Magazine.

Modern science is beginning to uncover the ultimate power of spices and herbs, as weapons against illnesses from cancer to Alzheimer's disease. "We're now starting to see a scientific basis for why people have been using spices medicinally for thousands of years," says Bharat Aggarwal, Ph.D., professor at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and author of Healing Spices (Sterling, 2011).

Aggarwal notes that in his native India, where spices tend to be used by the handful, incidence of diet-related diseases like heart disease and cancer have long been low. But when Indians move away and adopt more Westernized eating patterns, their rates of those diseases rise. While researchers usually blame the meatier, fattier nature of Western diets, Aggarwal and other experts believe that herbs and spices-or more precisely, the lack of them-are also an important piece of the dietary puzzle. "When Indians eat more Westernized foods, they're getting much fewer spices than their traditional diet contains," he explains. "They lose the protection those spices are conveying."

While science has yet to show that any spice cures disease, there's compelling evidence that several may help manage some chronic conditions (though it's always smart to talk with your doctor). What's not to love? Here we've gathered eight of the healthiest spices and herbs enjoyed around the world.

Chile Peppers
May help: Boost metabolism.
Chile peppers add a much-appreciated heat to chilly-weather dishes, and they can also give a boost to your metabolism. Thank capsaicin, the compound that gives fresh chiles, and spices including cayenne and chipotle, their kick. Studies show that capsaicin can increase the body's metabolic rate (causing one to burn more calories) and may stimulate brain chemicals that help us feel less hungry. In fact, one study found that people ate 16 percent fewer calories at a meal if they'd sipped a hot-pepper-spiked tomato juice (vs. plain tomato juice) half an hour earlier. Recent research found that capsinoids, similar but gentler chemicals found in milder chile hybrids, have the same effects-so even tamer sweet paprika packs a healthy punch. Capsaicin may also lower risk of ulcers by boosting the ability of stomach cells to resist infection by ulcer-causing bacteria and help the heart by keeping "bad" LDL cholesterol from turning into a more lethal, artery-clogging form.
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May help: Soothe an upset stomach, fight arthritis pain.
Ginger has a well-deserved reputation for relieving an unsettled stomach. Studies show ginger extracts can help reduce nausea caused by morning sickness or following surgery or chemotherapy, though it's less effective for motion sickness. But ginger is also packed with inflammation-fighting compounds, such as gingerols, which some experts believe may hold promise in fighting some cancers and may reduce the aches of osteoarthritis and soothe sore muscles. In a recent study, people who took ginger capsules daily for 11 days reported 25 percent less muscle pain when they performed exercises designed to strain their muscles (compared with a similar group taking placebo capsules). Another study found that ginger-extract injections helped relieve osteoarthritis pain of the knee.
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May help: Stabilize blood sugar.
A few studies suggest that adding cinnamon to food-up to a teaspoon a day, usually given in capsule form-might help people with type 2 diabetes better control their blood sugar, by lowering post-meal blood-sugar spikes. Other studies suggest the effects are limited at best.

May help: Quell inflammation, inhibit tumors.
Turmeric, the goldenrod-colored spice, is used in India to help wounds heal (it's applied as a paste); it's also made into a tea to relieve colds and respiratory problems. Modern medicine confirms some solid-gold health benefits as well; most are associated with curcumin, a compound in turmeric that has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin has been shown to help relieve pain of arthritis, injuries and dental procedures; it's also being studied for its potential in managing heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. Researcher Bharat Aggarwal is bullish on curcumin's potential as a cancer treatment, particularly in colon, prostate and breast cancers; preliminary studies have found that curcumin can inhibit tumor cell growth and suppress enzymes that activate carcinogens.

May help: Lift your mood.
Saffron has long been used in traditional Persian medicine as a mood lifter, usually steeped into a medicinal tea or used to prepare rice. Research from Iran's Roozbeh Psychiatric Hospital at Tehran University of Medical Sciences has found that saffron may help to relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and depression. In one study, 75% of women with PMS who were given saffron capsules daily reported that their PMS symptoms (such as mood swings and depression) declined by at least half, compared with only 8 percent of women who didn't take saffron.
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May help: Inhibit breast cancer-cell growth.
University of Missouri scientists found that this herb can actually inhibit breast cancer-cell growth, reported Holly Pevzner in the September/October 2011 issue of EatingWell Magazine. In the study, animals that were given apigenin, a compound abundant in parsley (and in celery), boosted their resistance to developing cancerous tumors. Experts recommend adding a couple pinches of minced fresh parsley to your dishes daily.

May help: Preserve memory, soothe sore throats.
Herbalists recommend sipping sage tea for upset stomachs and sore throats, a remedy supported by one study that found spraying sore throats with a sage solution gave effective pain relief. And preliminary research suggests the herb may improve some symptoms of early Alzheimer's disease by preventing a key enzyme from destroying acetylcholine, a brain chemical involved in memory and learning. In another study, college students who took sage extracts in capsule form performed significantly better on memory tests, and their moods improved.
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May help: Enhance mental focus, fight foodborne bacteria.
One recent study found that people performed better on memory and alertness tests when mists of aromatic rosemary oil were piped into their study cubicles. Rosemary is often used in marinades for meats and poultry, and there's scientific wisdom behind that tradition: rosmarinic acid and other antioxidant compounds in the herb fight bacteria and prevent meat from spoiling, and may even make cooked meats healthier. In March 2010, Kansas State University researchers reported that adding rosemary extracts to ground beef helped prevent the formation of heterocyclic amines (HCAs)-cancer-causing compounds produced when meats are grilled, broiled or fried.
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What are your favorite herbs and spices?

By Kerri-Ann Jennings

Kerri-Ann, a registered dietitian, is the associate editor of nutrition for EatingWell magazine, where she puts her master's degree in nutrition from Columbia University to work writing and editing news about nutrition, health and food trends. In her free time, Kerri-Ann likes to practice yoga, hike, bake and paint.

missionary update

From: "Brenda Lange"
Date: November 27, 2011 5:44:25 AM CST
Subject: Blog, Nov. 27, 2011


Two men are visiting us from South Africa who have the same vision as ours, “to see the gospel taken into remote areas”.
Clete and Wayne went with us to both the Pequaria and Nacacca churches this morning. (Naccaca’s 2nd Sunday)!
Over 60 people attended Naccaca this morning and Pequiare had 3 more adults receive Jesus today.
Jacinto came boldly in the door of the new Pequaria church with a big smile on his face, followed by his mother (who is unsaved at this point).
Surprises never cease where Jesus is involved.
God is really moving in Pequaria.

PEQUARIA CHURCH BUILDING IS FINISHED! Painted a beautiful royal blue, it now stands out as a beacon to all in the village with its shiny tin roof.
Our thanks to Coopersville Reformed Church, in Coopersville, MI for the gift that put a roof on this church.

A new couple came to our Pequaria church today because their 3 year son was almost dead from anemia, malnutrition, and worms. He basically has no blood and his whole body is swelling up. When asked why they hadn’t taken him to the hospital sooner, they replied: “we had no money to see the Dr.” (22 cents U.S.).
We prayed for him and then rushed him to the Balama hospital. He needs an emergency transfusion, so that is being organized at this moment.

Many people came to see Jesus because they heard He healed the sick.
The power of “faith filled prayer” releases miracles.
The news of miracles spreads like “wild fire” drawing in the lost and hopeless to seek out the healing power of Jesus Christ.

Pequaria villagers are “waking up” to just how powerful Jesus is.

TODAY this same process started in the newly formed Nacacca church, now 2 weeks old.
As I took the 3 year old to the hospital, I dropped off our visitors and evangelistic team at the Nacacca church meeting.
Just as I returned, they were praying for the sick.
Clete and Wayne prayed for an elderly blind woman. Villagers stated she couldn’t see anything.
After prayer, her eyes OPENED, and she was able to see!!!
The shock wave went through the 60+ people as they realized what had just happened.
More came up for prayer, asking for miracles.

It was a power packed morning for sure!

1. A STRONG TROPICAL STORM is sitting just off the coast of Mozambique, and is expected to hit Pemba by Tuesday this week (Monday night your time).
Balama is 162 miles directly west of Pemba. We need your prayers for safety as the last one that hit in 2000 destroyed our orphan homes.

2. 30,000 bricks were completed on THANKSGIVING DAY! (it’s just another work day here since this is only an American holiday).
Our thanks once again to Sam Lyles and Nate Bell who gave 90 days of their life to give this gift of love to the orphans needing new homes next year.

3. A new female baby goat was born this morning to our herd. She is coffee brown in color, so of course her name is COFFEE!
Both mother and baby are fine. Baby is up bouncing around on her spindly legs.

4. Mozambique law now states that all foreign residents using International Driver’s Licenses have to get a Mozambican Driver’s License.
I’m studying the needed vocabulary and will challenge the test middle of Dec.
I’ve decided to get my commercial license while doing it, so pray for favour as their rickety truck which one HAS to use for the driver’s test is no joy at all.

Till next week, THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

Blessings from Bush Bunny Brenda and the Balama staff


Standard Bank-Hatfield
(branch code) 011-54515
Name: Orphans Unlimited
Acct. # 017743036

phone: 979-234-3422 or 713-854-9197
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chunky slippers ~knitted~

These are the slippers Christina has. She says they are quite cushioned on the bottom. She wanted to know if I could make another pair like them.

This is the pattern I found that I thought was the closest to what she has. It looks to me like the top is crochet on Christina's slippers.

Chunky slippers
#8 needles
2 skeins 4-ply yarn in contrasting colors (makes 2 pairs of slippers with
tassles or pom-poms)

Cast on 60 stitches using 1 color yarn

Row 1 - (Start with contrasting color) K6, pull other yarn across and K6;
repeat with alternate colors until you have 10 sets of 6 st each color.

Row 2 - (Anchor contrasting color at beginning of each row) K6 with same
color you ended row 1 with, pull other yarn across and K6. Repeat with
alternate colors as in Row 1.

NOTE: It is important on all even numbered rows to be sure to change your
yarn colors correctly. ALL ROWS STRAIGHT KNIT. After anchoring your contrast
color, be sure your matching coloris at the front of your work (away from
you). K6 sts. Bring the color towards the left and over your needle to the
back side of your work (toward you). Take the contrast color back through the
same way to the front of your work and K6. This constant reversing of yarns
is done for each 10 squares and on all even rows.

Row 3-8 - Repeat rows 1 and 2.

Row 9 - Change your color of thread to start a new color square. Knit same as
Row 1.

Continue the above procedure until youhave 7 squares for women and possible 8
for men.

Decrease in 8th (9th) square --
Row 1 - K 1, K2tog, K1, K2tog. Repeat in all 10 squares.
Row 2 - K 1, K2tog, K1. Repeat in all 10 squares.
Rows 3 and 4 - Knit.
Row 5 - K 1, K2tog. Repeat.
Row 6 - K2tog. Repeat. (This will leave you with 10 sts. on the needle).

Cut yarn about 12 inches long. Take one color yarn, thread it through a
needle and pull it through the 10 sts. Tie ends securely. (This forms toe of

Using one yarn (cut the other off) sew the sides together of the last four
squares. This leaves four squares for the open part of the slipper.

Sew the back together to form the heel.

*** To give the rolled effect on the top edge of the slipper, IT IS VERY

Toddlers: 8 blocks across, 6 blocks long.
Children: 10 blocks across, 8 blocks long.
Ladies: 6 sts to block and 12 blocks across; 6 rows to a block and 10 blocks
Men: 14 blocks across, 12 blocks long.

On men's and women's slippers, use size #10 needles and do one block less.

If cuff is desired, cast on 8 sts on each end, bind these sts. off when half
squares are completed.