Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A glimpse of some of my Paparazzi jewelry and accessories

I'm getting things ready for a big show at the fair..

Head band display

After making yesterdays post about making your own bracelet display someone asked if I had one for the headbands.  I didn't have one so I made one this morning.
The cuts of PVC needed for the headband display are as follows:
4 ~ 2 inch
2 ~ 3 inch
8 ~ 7 inch
1 ~ 9 inch
1 ~ 11 inch
1 ~ 13 inch
The assembly is the same except the upright are longer to allow for the headbands being longer.  Here is a picture of the two displays side by side.  The bracelet display is partially painted.  When it warms up today I will finish my spray painting.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY bracelet display

I am now selling Paparazzi jewelry and accessories.  Where everything is $5.00 plus tax.
I have been having fun making displays.  I have had people ask how I make a certain display so I decided to take pictures of the process the next time I made a display.
Today I made a jewelry display.
This is the finished display.  I just need to paint it and it will be ready to use.
I will start with a list of materials needed.
You will need:
8- 3/4 inch PVC T's
10- 3/4 inch PVC end caps
85 inches of 3/4 inch PVC pipe.  This is about 13 inches more than one 8 foot long piece of pvc pipe.  You can adjust the lengths if you don't want to buy an extra piece of pipe.  I just used pip I had laying around from other projects so this wasn't important to me. Use schedule 40 because its easier to cut with the pipe cutter.  The thinner stuff might be easier to cut if you just have a hack saw.  The reason the thicker stuff is easier to cut with the pipe cutter is because it cuts and the thin stuff bends instead of cutting.  Choose the one right for you.
pipe cutter or hack saw
 rubber mallet
spray paint
PVC glue if desired (I don't use it)

Cut 4 ~ 2inch pieces of the PVC
Cut 3 ~ 3 inch pieces of the PVC
Cut 1 ~ 5 inch piece of the PVC
Cut 9 ~ 7 inch pieces of the PVC
 This is a picture of the things you need.
 This photo shows measuring the 2 inch pieces to cut.
 Actually cutting the PVC with the pipe cutter.
 All the pieces are cut.  I used the pencil to mark the pieces.  Example on the 2 inch pieces I wrote 2.
 Using two 3 inch pieces and a T form the front or left part of this picture.  Then using the 2 inch pieces begin the backward progress.  You don't need very much space between the T's that's why they are only two inches.  They could even be just one inch if you want your T's butted up against each other. When you get to the back part use two of the 7 inch pieces to for the back cross piece.  The upright pieces are a 3 inch piece, the only 5 inch piece you cut and a 7 inch piece.
 Add a T to each of the three upright pieces.
 Use the rubber mallet to pound and tighten all the pieces together.  I do this as I assemble each piece.
 Now put the end caps on and using the rubber mallet pound them on.
 This picture should be before the one before it but I don't know how to change it.  It just shows how it looks before you add the end caps.
This picture shows me demonstrating how to pound each piece of pipe together.  You can still adjust them if some are crooked.
There you go.  Almost finished.  Now just take it outside and spray paint it what ever color you want.  I'm going to paint mine black glossy.
I hope this was a little bit of help.  I know I don't explain things well but hopefully it will help someone.  I will post other pictures as I make more displays and as I put together my little shop.
Have a great day.