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Missionary update November 23, 2013

From: Brenda Lange," Bush Bunny Brenda"
Date: November 23, 2013

Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from Balama Social Services saying a blind man had walked 27 miles (45 km) to come ask us for food.
My staff and I went to hear his story and ended up bringing him home with us as it was now late afternoon, and the man had been without food all day. Nilza opened our children’s store house and found him some clothes, as he was wearing filthy rags. We immediately fed him and then everyone gathered around to hear his story.
Simon said:
His mother was his caretaker. She died last year, so he’s been begging for food since in his town of Namuno. Someone told him about us helping people, so he packed his rice sack with his few belongings, found the only road that come to Balama from Namuno, and started walking with only his walking stick to direct him. Seems people all along the road walked with him, giving him guidance during his travels.
We are giving him refuge for a week as there were elections on Wed. and much unrest in the area. It was not safe to travel anywhere and the track to Namuno is TOTAL BUSH.
Simon will have to return to Namuno, but we will make sure that he has food when he leaves us, and Social Services in Namuno has been notified and will help get him “settled” somewhere in that area.

Desperation drives people to do what seems impossible.
Simon did not cross our path by mistake.
We are making sure he doesn’t leave here without knowing who Jesus is.
That is the greatest gift we can give anyone who crosses our threshold.


Our 50 females are hard at work making 50 NEW babies with some looking big enough to have twins!!!!
We’ve had 3 single births this week with only 47 to go.
ALL the Momma Goats are due by end of December, so realize that Bush Bunny is going to be hopping down the bush trail to Rovuma quite often these next 5 weeks. I’m sincerely hoping that the “girls” will get it together and have birthing parties!
I’m all for conservation of fuel and time, so that I don’t have to go out so often.

I managed a photo of “Spotty” a little female, who looks like she was splattered with black paint. Her Mom is totally white, but our male goat is black and white. She got the mix and is as cute and cuddly as can be.

This photo tells it all as these happy shoppers head home after a day at the local market.
We’ve shown you photos of up to 8 PEOPLE on a motorbike, so here’s the “shopper’s special”.

That’s all for this week. Keep us in your prayers, as we are taking 1 day at a time, not knowing what will cross our path next.

Bush Bunny Brenda
Eric Dry

Guest post by Darren Cole Butcher

A construction crew is hard after it on a large hotel project. The plumbers are inside doing there thing and the brick layers are doing theirs on the outside. Let’s say I am a brick layer, I’m mixing my mortar and climbing the scaffolding, doing my thing. I then see some plumbers carrying in some pipe into the building. My dad used to do a little plumbing and I do a little at my own house, so I go to check it out. While watching them I notice that it all looks strange to me and the complexity of it all looks wrong. So I say to them that this and that could be done this way and that. I also suggest that they could use this tool and that tool as I do myself at home and have seen others do. The plumbers, with their extensive plans and orders laid out if front of them, stop working and gather around me. They ask “ are you a job boss?” “do you work for the foreman?” “have the plans and orders changed?” - I say, I was just noticing this and that could be done this and that way and…The Job foreman walks up right then. “what is going on here, why are you guys not working and what are you doing over here, don’t you work outside on the brick.” So I say, well i know a little about plumbing and wanted to help these guys out, it all looks strange to me, so I suggested this and that be done like such and such. They all look at each other and back at me, then they scan over the plans and discuss this and that and such and such. The foreman then dismisses the plumbers and asks them to get back to work according to the plans and orders they had originally discussed. He then turns to me and says “thank you for your wisdom and concern, we have duly noted all of it and they will now go back to work. Now let’s get you back out there laying brick, where you are suppose to be. If there are any other “suggestions” that you might have please inform your “boss” he will tell me and we can build a better project here, we might even switch you to that job if indeed we find you to be helpful in it, more so than your current position. But we do not need any more distraction and we really need both the plumbing and the bricks to be finished by such and such dates. So I return to my bricks and finish out the wall and the plumbers get back to work and finished their plumbing.

The whole time I was not laying brick and talking with the plumbers, nothing was getting done according to plan. They had to stop their job to engage with me, now they wanted to do right and were concerned about this so they did “respect” what I said, but when all was said and done I did not help them I hindered them. The job of this scope went well beyond my “home” knowledge. The fact that I had been laying bricks and not being involved from the beginning caused my judgment to be skewed anyway. Since the purpose for all of us to be there was to build a motel and brick laying and plumbing were both part of that goal, I was helping with neither by leaving the one to instruct the other. Now the “foreman” was polite and responded correctly to me and escorted me back to my place, everything was back to where it was suppose to be.

This is the main reason the “kingdom” is not being built on schedule and in order. The wall was not getting built (my job) and the plumbing was not being done (your job). We all need to be and do what the foreman has set out for us to do. We all have a place that Christ has appointed us and equipped us for. We must all do our part to complete the whole. When one leaves their job and “becomes the expert” at another’s, they do not lend themselves to the overall productivity of the project.

So now that this has been said, I must excuse myself and go back to work also

Oh and - I hope what I suggested in your plumbing operation was or will helpful - good day.

Thank you “foreman” for setting me straight. Whether you are the plumber or the brick layer we need to get back to work now.

(This was in prayerful response to “others” and “myself” “occasionally” bouncing off each other on my page and in my ministry, I got the above picture in my head and decided to share)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kastyns Birthday gift

I think I overdid it with the adorable.  My daughters showed me a picture of an outfit like this and I went to town on it.
I made her an outfit to wear to the party and a bib to wear when she eats cake.  Then a hat to wear because its cold.
Her momma said she already has a pair of black tights and black shoes.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Missionary update November 16, 2013

From: Brenda Lange," Bush Bunny Brenda"
Date: November 16, 2013

TONS OF FOOD FEEDING THE HUNGRY (Thanks to your Love Gifts)
SEVEN major food distributions were carried out this week in Balama and Meluco Districts.
Our 7 ton Nissan truck left at 4:30a.m. Monday morning, loaded with 6 tons of corn, soap, and salt as part of a 2 day major food give out that covered the 46 orphans in the far West side of Meluco (Revia Village near the game reserve), and the 115 orphans in the Elephant Village (East side) of Meluco District. During these 3 days of give outs, 10 TONS of corn and 2 tons of beans were distributed for food and planting purposes.

On the same days, our 6 tons Nissan delivered seed and food corn to the 477 orphans and 240 widows in the Impire and Mango Church give outs in Balama District.

The 3 man crew on our 7 ton truck who were giving out food in Meluco this week are also the WATER WELL FIX IT TEAM.
Manuel and his 2 truck assistants, do all the water well repairs under normal circumstances. Super “all around FIX IT MAN”, Eric Dry, pitched in and trained up our Youth Pastors, Carlitos Jorge and Nelson (16 year old orphan) as water well assistants this week as both are very mechanically minded. Together, this 3 man team repaired two water wells this week in villages that had no other source of water. Fast action is needed to prevent disease and suffering, for life is tough in a village of 5,000 people when there is no water and the temperatures are 95 degree F (35 C) by 10 a.m. daily.

Jorgina is doing well after 8 days in the hospital with a respiratory problem.
She’s smiling and playing again with her new found “family”, as Fatima, her foster mother, has 5 children.
Nice to have our family all “home” again. Thank you for your prayers for a fast healing for our fragile little girl.
Now to get her eating again, so she can regain the weight she lost last week.

Please keep us and our orphans in prayer, as there were 4 more clashes between both sides last night taking several lives.
These incidents are 500-700 miles south of Balama, so we are in no immediate danger.
However, the first incident in Pemba occurred Wed. when the 18 year old daughter of a wealthy restaurant owner was kidnapped. She managed to escape the kidnappers get-away car thanks to a slow moving truck that slowed them to a crawl in highway traffic. This intelligent young lady realized her captor’s guns were fakes, so she jumped from the slow moving car as it tried to pass the truck on an uphill grade.
That took courage and probably saved her life.

The BIBLE says that in these End Times, there will be wars and rumors of wars. Standing on God’s Word is the ONLY REFUGE that is totally safe for any of us, no matter where we live.
Eric and I, as well as our staff, are taking all precautions and using much wisdom in coordinating our travel programs.
We are not moved by FEAR, but ONLY BY THE WORD OF GOD.
Thanks for being there for us in this time of need.

Bush Bunny Brenda Lange
Eric Dry

Monday, November 11, 2013

Food for thought

Things are to be used.
People are to be loved.
Do not confuse this.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A little riddle

I once made a remark about the hidden books of the bible.  It was a Lulu, kept people looking so hard for facts and for other it was a revelation.  Some were in a jam.  Especially since the names of the books were not capitalized.  But the truth finally struck home to numbers of readers.

To others it was a real job.  We want it to be a most fascinating few moments for you.  Yes there will be some really easy ones to spot.  Others may require judges to help them.  I will quickly admit it usually takes a minister to find one of them and there will be loud lamentations when it is found.

A lady said she brews a cup of tea so she can concentrate better.  See how well you can compete.

Relax now for there are sixteen names of the books of the bible in this study.

Missionary update November 9, 2013

This picture was taken on the day we received Jorgina into the program.
When Jorgina was given to us last week, she had a nasty cough, and was given antibiotics by our Balama Doctor.
On Thursday, this week, I went to do a house visit and Fatima, her foster mother, who told me that Jorgina had a restless night.
Off we went to the hospital emergency room, as it was only 6a.m. (sun is up at 4:30a.m. so Africa is on the move).
The male nurse in the Emergency Room turned Jorgina onto her tummy to listen to her chest, and she immediately went into a distressed breathing pattern. He told us that she would be admitted, and began looking for a vein in her tiny little arm. With IV antibiotics she is doing well, and is supposed to be released on Monday if all goes as planned. It didn’t slow her appetite any, as our little “milk guzzler” is making up for lost time by drinking 2 cans of formula a week.

Jorgina was tested for TB, as her mother died of this horrible disease. This fact was unknown to us or to Social Services, until the Doctor looked at the baby’s birth card, recognizing the mother’s name. These are the types of “challenges” we risk when working with orphans in a country where TB is still a killer. BUT PRAISE THE LORD! The test was NEGATIVE for TB. Seems she just has a nasty respiratory infection coupled by a weak immune system due to her severe state of malnutrition. PHEW! A positive test would have meant that my entire staff and the foster family had been exposed.

to return to South Africa to assist with Youth Ministry.
Melissa will say goodbye to us this coming week, when she returns to work with young people in South Africa.
We want to say THANKS, MELISSA! You have done a great job in helping with our Youth Ministry, and training up leaders who can carry on the work.
We wish you well in God’s next assignment for your life.
Thanks, Melissa, for your help with food and supply distribution in the villages.
Thanks, too, for your ministry with the kids in the villages and in Balama. The kids are going to miss you, as will we.
Melissa jumping for joy with the little girls.

On Tuesday, we moved 13 TONS of corn and beans to Kwe Kwe area’s 9 villages, home to 450 orphans cared for by 120 widows. This was their final food give out as the Rainy Season is upon us. It rained hard enough on Monday night to settle the dust, which we were all thankful for.
Thursday, we distributed to our 300+ orphans and widows in Balama.
Friday, found our 2 big rigs moving 8.5 TONS for corn and beans to the MANGO TREE CHURCH for distribution to 256 orphans cared for by 158 widows in 7 villages. The children were thrilled to receive the cloths packets that Program Director Nilza had made for them. These children will receive their final food drop on Nov. 18th.



Bush Bunny Brenda
Eric Dry
Melissa Olmesdahl

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The wealthy man by Darren Cole Butcher

The wealthiest man in the world went in searched for a bride, looking in each town, city and street. He finally came into a certain part of one of the places he looked, there was a woman there that was homeless retched and blind. She had been a whore, murderer and a thief. Now she just sat in the dark corners of the deepest pits in the town. He looked her over, then proclaimed to her that he was choosing her. All throughout the world the news went out that he had chosen a bride. He reached down to her and lifted her into his arms, then took her to his house. She was bathed, given every treatment she needed and her old shabby clothes were exchanged for glorious dresses and exquisite robes. After he eyes had been looked at and tended to, she regained her sight. Her skin began to lose the “dirty look” that it had taken on from all the nights in the streets.

The man brought her before him after all that he had, had been invested in her. She stood before him as a radiant, beautiful bride. He proclaimed to her that all he had was hers, the bank account, the cars, the houses and more. She fell to the floor and wept, being overwhelmed with the changes that were taking place. He went to her and lifted her into his arms, holding her close. She cried and cried and cried, the years of pain and grief she had bore fell to the floor with her tears. All she could do is allow him to pull her in and embrace her, she had no strength left in herself.

When she would walk out into where she used to live, no one dare say she was the same woman that he had chosen. He had to have gotten rid of the woman they knew very well and replaced her. They went to him and asked what had happened to the woman that he had picked to be his wife. He responded that they were correct, he had gotten rid of the woman that they had knew and replaced her with another. The woman that now stood before them was a brand new woman.

When they asked her where she had come from and who she was, she had some remembrance of this other woman and talked briefly of her. But then she went into great detail about who she was. How his fullness of love was what she had become, all that he had was hers. They pleaded with her to tell them from where she had come from. She only responded by telling and showing them all who she had become.

The other woman seemed to have disappeared. Her clothes or her person could not be found. The people thought to themselves, surely she was put away and destroyed once he saw who she was. The new couple would sit together where ever they would go and look on each other with such love with knowing smiles of what had really been and what now was. The people would look on in amazement when the would see small glimpses of that same woman in her, but none dare say that she was not changed and made new in every way possible.

She thought to herself often about the love and undeserved favor that she had received from her husband. The woman would only smile with such a smile of that of a child that was embraced after having been lost in a cold forest over night, to have been found , warmed, fed and wrapped up in a warm blanket. Her countenance was that of a beloved bride and not of a murderous, retched whore. The woman’s hands had even lost their dingy, calloused texture. They had now become the hands of a queen, soft tender and manicured to perfection. He would hold those hands often while watching each sundown and look over her with such affection, it would warm the hearts of all who were near. Now he would ever so rarely think on her as who he had found, but more so as who was before him. This love that they had was pure and right in every way, there was no flaw in either one as they lived their lives as one.

This woman’s reality became every other girl’s longing. From the houses in the best neighborhoods, into the darkest corners of the streets from where she had come, they all talked (and dreamed) of how they would one day receive the same treatment from their husband. It was a perfect picture of love and grace. No one could say that it was not a marriage “made in heaven”, it was what some would call perfect.

The best news about this story is that in the end all the hoping and fantasizing that all would have such fortune, was realized and found to be obtainable through Christ. Has he not come to you in such a fashion as described above? If the one you responded to has not done all that was listed, you have responded to the love of another, not the pure love described hence. If we remain as we were, we have not been brought into all that he has, is and will be. We did not go to him as we declared to all, that we had. We do not sit with him and attract the admiration of all as the woman above did. We even declare that we are retched, blind and lost, but one day our “prince” will come, while in truth we have missed the meaning, purpose and plan of the original invitation. It is to come away now and become all that his wealth, love and ability can transform us into. We are to become the radiance of his glory and walk through this “old neighborhood” of ours and glow with splendor, because of who we have become.

Now who in their right mind does not want this? Which of us that has truly received all this listed here for us now does not want to fall deeper into the “fairytale” world? I personally am done talking and even being who I once was. We need to lose ourselves in the truth of the gospel and stop talking about that it will be a one day thing, it is for today and a present reality that is available to all. Let us freshly look at the invitation that is being offered us, let us not lie to ourselves and say we have went away with “this man” if yet we are still blind, retched and lost. Let us cry out to him anew and say wait, do not leave me here, I do want what you have proclaimed, make me new, make me whole, clean me Jesus. I want to be who your love makes me into. No more me, I want all of you. Then I, we and you can rest in him and be all that we were meant to be with him.

Make this your reality and fall in love afresh with God today, for Jesus is the invitation to the world above, no longer go, speak of or be what was, only that which is and will be.

God bless you today as you live this life.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Missionary update November 2, 2013

From : Brenda Sue Lange,
Bush Bunny Brenda
Date: November 2, 2013


Baby Jorgina, born May 17th, lost her mother from surgical complications 2 months ago. Weighing only 7.2 lbs (3.3kg) at 5.5 months of age, she is in a severely malnourished condition called “failure to thrive”. Her father and aunt walked in from 12 miles away to ask help in early September. (Due to the wife’s illness/surgery their corn/bean fields were neglected and the harvest was poor.) So the father as well as the other 4 children in the family, are severely malnourished and were admitted into our feeding program immediately. All are recovering well except Baby Jorgina.
Meet Baby Jorgina, our newest family member.

Jorgina has been sick with diarrhea and respiratory infections most of October. The father is overwhelmed with his new responsibility of being both mother and father to his 4 older children, and the aunt has failed to properly care for Jorgina.

The father realized Thursday that Jorgina would not survive without better care, and agreed to allow us to accept Jorgina into our family for a year. Our girl’s home is full with 4 of the 6 girls being under 6, so church member Fatima, agreed to love and care for Jorgina.
She’s doing an excellent job. Jorgina is on antibiotics for her respiratory infection, and eating like there is no tomorrow. She is so TINY, that everyone mistakes her for being only a month old, UNTIL SHE GRABS FOR HER BOTTLE! Just try taking it away from her, and you quickly find out she can be VERY persistent in getting it back! She’s quite the cutie and is getting loads of attention from our entire staff.


Our little Jorgina needs a $30/month sponsor to provide her with baby food/formula, clothing, and the love of her substitute mother.


Unknown to me and our Pastors, Fatima, (story above) and her 4 children had just run out of food in their home on the day we contacted her! When I asked Dominica, our Woman’s Pastor, to find me a widow who would love Jorgina as her own, Fatima’s name immediately came to mind.
Coincidence? Hardly, as Fatima had told no one but God of her need for food, and HE answered her prayer by telling her to give what she had to Baby Jorgina.

When we did the house inspection, the lack of food was immediately evident. Without hesitation, we organized food for this family. Fatima also needs her roof fixed, as the grass has mostly blown away and she has no latrine. Rainy season is upon us later this month, so we have no time to lose.
Grass to fix the roof will costs $60.
Building her a latrine/bathing area from local materials: $55.


With only 1 set of bean bags, track batons, and tug-o-war rope, we needed to go shopping before we could outfit all our teams with what they needed. As Larry Friend from AWANA Int. left for the airport, Eric took him to our hardware store in Pemba where they fetched plastic pipe for making the batons and colored cloth for the bean bags. Last weekend, I was able to buy the large tug-o-war rope that the kids love so much.
The pipes are now painted the famous 4 colors (blue, red, yellow, and green), and the bean bags are being made on our pedal sewing machine as I write this.
With 3 major food distributions to the orphans in remote villages keeping our small staff super busy this week, our goal is to get the materials ready so that the AWANA programs can begin by Nov. 15th.
Bean Bags Becoming Big Business in our sewing shop.
The kids can hardly wait, as they love playing the games and hearing the Jesus stories in the TRUTH SEEKERS curriculum.

AWANA games provide us many alternative ways to attract children of ALL AGES to Jesus, where soccer limits us to mostly the older children.
Everyone can play these games, with no practice needed.
THANK YOU LARRY FRIEND, and THANK YOU JESUS for such a wonderful program.


Eric calmly walks into breakfast yesterday saying he needed our help as a 1 ft. (30cm) black snake had confronted him as he sat in his reading chair in his bedroom on Thursday night. He whacked it with his snake stick, breaking it’s back near the tail, but the snake zipped behind Eric’s very heavy bookcase before Eric could kill it. So after breakfast, our guard put on leather gloves, grabbed his snake killing bamboo rod, and off we went to Eric’s bedroom. The guard carefully began pulling on a board that held a heavy stack of magazines on the floor, under the first shelf of the bookcase. I was stationed at the end of the bookcase with a “slasher” (sharp metal grass cutter with a long handle) to prevent the snake from escaping on that side. As our guard carefully pulled the board out containing the magazines, I was poised ready to strike if the snake was there. Much to our surprise, the snake was there alright, but DEAD, as the weight of the sliding board with the magazines on it had rolled him, crushing him in the process. It appears to be a baby black mamba that slipped through Eric’s septic system into the house via his bathroom.
So “THE BEAR” slept better last night knowing he wouldn’t have a bed partner joining him.

We encounter many snakes but thanks to Jesus’ angels, who are ALWAYS on duty, none have ever been able to strike us.
We keep our eyes open, but when the inevitable encounter happens, we know that JESUS IS STILL OUR MIRACLE SAVIOR WHO KEEPS US UNDER HIS WINGS OF PROTECTION.


Never let a bad situation bring out the worst in you.

CHOOSE to stay Positive and BE the STRONG PERSON that GOD created you to be!

With all of our challenges lately, I posted this on my bedroom wall to help keep me focused on JESUS’ WILL and not mine!

Bush Bunny Brenda Lange and the Balama staff
Eric Dry
Melissa Olmesdahl

On being self sufficient by Carolyn Hill

On being self sufficient. My parents lived through the depression with all its hard times. They taught me that if you treat everything as if it might be the last you may ever get then you will never want for anything. For them it was absolutely the last they would see for a long time. Not once did we leave spades and shovels and hoes out in the weather. All tools and tractors, etc were cleaned and put away after every use.
Not once did we use a kitchen knife as a screw driver, flatware was washed and put away immediately after dinner. The young children didn't take kitchen spoons out to dig in the dirt; there were other outside tools to use for that! That tableware was necessary to eat with!
We didn't have potable water on the farm, only wells for the animals and irrigation from the river, so water conservation was a must. We had a huge tank on wheels we hauled water in from town every week. My dad made the trailer to fit the store bought tank. He used axles from an old pickup, can't remember what he made the tongue from, but it worked and looked good.
Nothing was wasted, everything was re-purposed, even the table scraps and bath water in the #2 washtubs, LOL.
We made heavy winter utility quilts using cotton sacks no longer usable in the field, you know those long heavy cotton sacks we drug behind us when picking cotton by hand? (Anyone know what I'm talking about?) The underside of this "quilt" would be bits of no longer usable clothing. My niece still has one of these my mother made in the 40s and she treasures it. It is so heavy I can barely pick it up! Denim was considered very valuable because of its strength. The denim that became to thin to use for patches also went into quilts. That is fashionable now, isn't it?
We cut buttons and zippers off every piece of clothing that went into the "scrap" box. Many times my dresses were flour sack with recycled buttons and they matched!
We saved reusable nails pulled from old wood. In fact we had several huge buckets full of used nails, especially the large ones, can't remember the numbers of the nails used now. Once in awhile when the weather wouldn't permit us outside we would all go to the shed and help straighten and clean and sort those used nails. I still remember my horror the first time I saw someone throw something away without first stripping those large nails from it. That was the first I realized not everyone saved everything like we did. When my father passed in 1975 we all wanted his buckets of nails and his old hammer! There's no telling how old some of those nails are!
We've become a disposable society and if we are to be self sufficient we can no longer live like that. I still have the sewing scissors I used in my first home economics class in 1957, LOL. I have my dad's last file he used for the spades and hoes and it still works! Our hoes would be so sharp they could, and sometimes did if you weren't careful, cut a toe off. I bet few here know what I'm talking about, LOL
Take care of your tools and they will always take care of you.
Being self sufficient is as much a state of mind as anything else. We never thought twice about "prepping" or "re-purposing" or "self sufficiency" but that was exactly what we were doing. We didn't consciously think about it or wonder what we would do with those things we saved; we just knew we would need them at some time in the future. It was a way of life. ~Carolyn