Sunday, April 7, 2013

Real Indian Food

We just got back from a visit to Arizona to visit my husbands family.  My brother in law is an Indian from India, not a native American.  We have never experienced Indian food.  We asked him to take us to his favorite place to eat.  It was a little grocery store/diner.  He said they serve more appetizer type food than full meals.  He wanted us to experience the food so he ordered several things all of which were less than five dollars per plate.  As each plate was brought out we ate of it and told him which ones we liked and which ones we did not.  One thing I learned is that for sure you ask for very mild because their spices are quite spicy that's for sure.
When I sent the pictures to my email I titled each one with the name of the dish.  For some reason the names did not show up on my email so I will just try to tell you about them but I wont be able to to name them.
 Most Indian dishes we are told have yogurt and garbanzos beans in them.  The first and third dishes were our favorites with the third one show being our very favorite.
The second dish shown was good too.

 Our favorite.
 This dish was similar to chili but without meat.  The garbanzo beans seemed to take their place.  The bread reminded me of a sopapilla.  You take the bread and tear it and use it to sort of pinch the food to eat it.  This dish was a little too spicy for me.  My brother in law said that when his mom makes these she makes them a lot smaller about the size of your palm.
This dish was a sort of dessert and had a rice or something main part.  It looks a little like an egg but it was cold and the sauce was creamy.  It was not a favorite to me.

We enjoyed the experience and asked that next time we visit that he take us to the same place again and maybe to another Indian restaurant.  We sure loved the food.  I think my brother in law was quite happy that we were interested.

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