Sunday, November 17, 2013

Missionary update November 16, 2013

From: Brenda Lange," Bush Bunny Brenda"
Date: November 16, 2013

TONS OF FOOD FEEDING THE HUNGRY (Thanks to your Love Gifts)
SEVEN major food distributions were carried out this week in Balama and Meluco Districts.
Our 7 ton Nissan truck left at 4:30a.m. Monday morning, loaded with 6 tons of corn, soap, and salt as part of a 2 day major food give out that covered the 46 orphans in the far West side of Meluco (Revia Village near the game reserve), and the 115 orphans in the Elephant Village (East side) of Meluco District. During these 3 days of give outs, 10 TONS of corn and 2 tons of beans were distributed for food and planting purposes.

On the same days, our 6 tons Nissan delivered seed and food corn to the 477 orphans and 240 widows in the Impire and Mango Church give outs in Balama District.

The 3 man crew on our 7 ton truck who were giving out food in Meluco this week are also the WATER WELL FIX IT TEAM.
Manuel and his 2 truck assistants, do all the water well repairs under normal circumstances. Super “all around FIX IT MAN”, Eric Dry, pitched in and trained up our Youth Pastors, Carlitos Jorge and Nelson (16 year old orphan) as water well assistants this week as both are very mechanically minded. Together, this 3 man team repaired two water wells this week in villages that had no other source of water. Fast action is needed to prevent disease and suffering, for life is tough in a village of 5,000 people when there is no water and the temperatures are 95 degree F (35 C) by 10 a.m. daily.

Jorgina is doing well after 8 days in the hospital with a respiratory problem.
She’s smiling and playing again with her new found “family”, as Fatima, her foster mother, has 5 children.
Nice to have our family all “home” again. Thank you for your prayers for a fast healing for our fragile little girl.
Now to get her eating again, so she can regain the weight she lost last week.

Please keep us and our orphans in prayer, as there were 4 more clashes between both sides last night taking several lives.
These incidents are 500-700 miles south of Balama, so we are in no immediate danger.
However, the first incident in Pemba occurred Wed. when the 18 year old daughter of a wealthy restaurant owner was kidnapped. She managed to escape the kidnappers get-away car thanks to a slow moving truck that slowed them to a crawl in highway traffic. This intelligent young lady realized her captor’s guns were fakes, so she jumped from the slow moving car as it tried to pass the truck on an uphill grade.
That took courage and probably saved her life.

The BIBLE says that in these End Times, there will be wars and rumors of wars. Standing on God’s Word is the ONLY REFUGE that is totally safe for any of us, no matter where we live.
Eric and I, as well as our staff, are taking all precautions and using much wisdom in coordinating our travel programs.
We are not moved by FEAR, but ONLY BY THE WORD OF GOD.
Thanks for being there for us in this time of need.

Bush Bunny Brenda Lange
Eric Dry

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