Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another new dispaly

I can hang twenty necklaces on each twirl a tie.  I then slip the top through the lid of a number ten can and lower the necklaces into the can for transport.  I needed a way to hang the necklaces for display.  I just need to buy the end caps for the display and paint it.  Normally when I hang the twirl a ties filled with necklaces I take the lid part off, I didn't this time because I was just seeing if my display would work.  I glued the bottom pieces of the PVC but the rest I did not glue.  I am hoping I can take the riser part apart for transport if I need to.
I also need to find paint made specifically for plastic because the regular spray paint I've been using chips and doesn't stay nice looking.

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loves2spin said...

It looks very good! I hope it all work$ out really well for you Deb.