Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eating out

     Every time we stop for a burger or even a nice meal we are taking a gamble.  Most of the time it's a losing one too.  Jeff and I were talking today after stopping for a burger on the way home from church about how we always hope the food will be good but it seldom is.  I bet only once in  twenty times is it worth it.  So why do we keep trying?  Good question because I don't know.

     So many times  the place is dirty, the service and food is sub standard and we waste our money.  I am going to make a real effort to stop hoping for a better outcome and just make all of our meals at home.  I wonder how many people actually cook the majority of their meals?

     I have to just make sure to keep soup and sandwich items on hand for times when I don't feel like cooking a big meal.  I rarely make food with mixes and almost always cook from scratch.

     Do any of you have any suggestions or tips for me?

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