Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Home at last

My Mom is with Jesus, celebrating her new body! I miss her dearly, but am happy she is now whole once again.
For I know our separation is only temporary!
I am on my way to TX as I write, for the funeral is Sunday, 2pm.
I will stay for 5 days after that to help my Dad, now 86. They celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary last Feb. And this has hit him very hard. Plz pray for us all, for my Dad needs Jesus as his Savior. 
Please understand that I must return to Moz. By middle of Nov. And will not be able to visit any churches.
Layla and Capena are "holding the fort", but the rains have begun early, and the last food distributions have not been done yet.
Layla is showing great courage as she has been in Balama only 5 weeks and has spent the last week and now this coming week without me being present. She is happily teaching English, helping Capena with daily programs, and studying Portuguese with our staff.
She is a rare and jolly camper for sure! I love and appreciate her very much.
I no longer have the same USA phone number, but will send that out once I can organize a new phone.
Your prayers for us are greatly appreciated. 
Hugs, Brenda

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