Friday, November 30, 2012

Homemade/handmade headboard

Since moving into our new house we have not collected a lot of furniture.  We bought a new mattress and boxed springs and a hollywood frame.  While I like that look I did kind of want a head board.  I was thinking on how I could make one that wouldnt be costly and could be easily dismanteled if I chose and this is what I came up with.
Mollie and I found boxes that were similar in size in our stored things and used them as the base.  I had this lovely quilt that my mom's cousin made that is a full size and therefore would not fit my bed so we draped it over the box's and pinned it.  I ended up killing two birds with one stone so to say.  I was able to put some things I had in storage in an out of the way spot as well as be able to see the pretty quilt that had previously just sat on a shelf.  The only problem I can see with it is some day I may want to find some of the things that are in the box's and I may not remember that the head board is really a stack of box's.  lol  My grandmother moved around a lot when she was a young married woman and she got to where she didn't even unpack everything.  The things that were keepsakes she left boxed and just used sheets to hide them.  She then used them as room dividers, end tables and so on.  I thought if she can do it so can I and so can you.  If you lack storage space just put your keepsakes in similar sized boxes and stack them into table sizes, or head board sizes and so on.
Do you have unusually ways you make storage where there previously was none?

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loves2spin said...

What a nice idea. And what a beautiful quilt!