Thursday, December 6, 2012

Safe in the arms of Jesus

My daughter Kaleena and son in law Justin go to church in Rockaway Beach Mo.  Their youth pastor and wife had a sweet little baby girl Gracie Honey who had Trisomy 18.  She was a gift they knew they might not get to enjoy very long.  Gracie went to be with Jesus last night at the age of 57 oops 56 days.  She now can breathe easy and is safe in the arms of Jesus.  Her parents loved her and shared her with all the people in the church.  She was truly a gift from God.

When Gracie's parents went to the doctor they wanted her to abort.  Her parents refused.  The doctor then refused to be their doctor.  Good riddance.  When Gracie was born they said her condition was incompatible with life.  She lived 56 days and gave so many hope and peace and taught them to pray for life.  For a little girl whose life was so brief , it's amazing how many she touched.
 God bless you Gracie.

Mollie and Hannah left this morning to visit Kaleena for Kastyn first birthday and were hoping to meet baby Gracie.  I think they will be there in time for her funeral.  They were crestfallen that they didn't get to meet her but they will see her in heaven.  God bless you little Gracie and all the lives you touched and praise God how your parents stayed strong in the Lord even through hard times.


Anonymous said...

Gracie was so precious. Through this all, all Matt and Brejida (Gracie's parents) was God to be Glorified and indeed He was.

loves2spin said...

:( I am so sorry. God bless you all.