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Oct. 30, 2013

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From: Linda Ferguson, Orphans Unlimited, Inc.
October 30, 2013

Hello Friends,
I am posting a letter written by Larry Friend,a powerful servant of God, who just returned from an eye opening visit to Mozambique.
Thanks Larry, for sharing your thoughts with our supporters and friends.
HardCourt Mission
October 2013 Update
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WOW, what a trip to the district of Balama in Mozambique. Over all it was a God Blessed time. We trained 13 pastors and about 10 young men. Everything went smoothly other than some attempts by our adversary to stifle progress – more later.
There is no need to go looking for children here in Balama. They are just there. Aquas Vivas (Orphans Unlimited) runs the biggest Orphan relief program in these districts (probably in Mozambique). State officials have visited and seen what is going on here and are impressed even though they try to implement ridiculous rules that do nothing but hamper progress. OH WELL that’s another story.
Brenda Lang’s (Director of Orphans Unlimited) long range goal is to reach 60000 children in this area. She has 6 full time Bush Bikers for Christ (BBC) pastors (travel from village to village on bicycles) who have now been Awana trained. They have been screaming for a way to present more than just Bible Stories to the children – they now have it. They will be taking Awana out to the bush in the very near future, possibly in November. There are some material things that have to be completed.
I, for one, do NOT want to let these 60000 children go without a fight. I know we cannot reach the whole world, but we are to do whatever we can and especially those that God puts in our path.
We trained a group of 13 persons. Some of these will stay here at OU, the other will be going out into the bush as BBC pastors. Hope is that in the near future more pastors can be trained to be BBC pastors and motor scooters will replace the bicycles for a more efficient way to get the Gospel out to the children in this area.
The leaders (students) in Balama are dedicated workers doing whatever it takes to get the Gospel out. Most of them are convinced that the return of Christ is SO close. They will not put a time on it, but most expect it within 2 years. This "knowledge of imminence" is driving them hard to reach the children and as many adults as possible. I am humbled; do I really operate in the imminence mode? These leaders are FOCUSED church planters.
Just as a quick note: OU already had a concrete Awana court painted and ready for our Game training. Nice court too!!!
Our first challenge was the lack of needed Awana materials in Portuguese. The reason the Portuguese materials became so important is that most of the children cannot read or write any language. The school system is "teaching" Portuguese but there are few if any text books. What "text books" that are there have been supplied by OU and Aguas Vivas (not all) Learning is slow. The "SPOKEN" language here is Makua. Anyway we go, the leaders will present Christ in Makua.... It is possible to use Portuguese as a guide to help with Makua, but no one can use English.
HardCourt Mission
October 2013 Update
1 E Bode Rd., Streamwood, IL 60107, 316-841-8003,
Just to put some things here in perspective, Monday an emergency presented itself with a new mother. She became very ill. Brenda and the staff jumped into action because every time they lose a mother, guess what they get = another orphan. Ergo: Orphans Unlimited. This mother died later in the day. Sepsis = Totally preventable if found in time, in this case it was not in time. They lose a lot of mothers to this = too many.
Currently, Mozambique is being troubled with some civil unrest. While I was never in physical danger, the possibility existed for shutting down of roads and communications. Since the training was completed, I jumped at the opportunity to come home early.
I don’t know what to think of this, but I am going to write it anyway. As we passed through Montepuez, a city between Balama and Pemba, God touched my heart. I know nothing more than He touched my heart. There are 3 American missionary families there. Please be in prayer with me for what this means.
A funny thing: We started working the 5 count on the first day. On the first evening, Carlitos, one of the youth leaders, took the 5 count to the youth group and used it there. He was VERY happy with the 5 count. I advised him to make sure that he does not OVERUSE it to the point where it becomes ineffective. Last week they had 5 young ladies ask to know more about Christ in their youth group.
Just a quick warfare story, On Monday, the entire staff of OU came down with malaria. Something that had NEVER HAPPENED before. The teaching on Monday was to be the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how to present it to children. Guess we hit a trigger with our adversary:)) Brenda was so upset, but I told her "Count it all Joy!!:))" As it turned out, it was the best thing that could have happened. But we expect that don’t we? Our God turns all things to His advantage. The harder satan fights, the more we know we are doing what our God wants us to do.
I could go on and on, but I think you all can see that God is working overtime in Balama. I have been told that they will keep me up to date on what transpires. As I get the information, I will pass it on.
Thank you so much for supporting and praying for this visit to Mozambique. God taught me so much during this trip. Not only cultural stuff that I love, but also how to be a field missionary. Seeing OU in action was a real eye opener for me. It is NOT just about getting the Gospel out; it is also about showing the Love of Christ via a holistic ministry. We MUST be involved with people - the way that our Lord was and is.
HardCourt Mission
October 2013 Update
1 E Bode Rd., Streamwood, IL 60107, 316-841-8003,
Some general notes for future trips to Mozambique:
1. Teams of evangelists are needed but NOT construction teams.
2. Missionaries are needed, especially ones that can work with children - obviously. If you or someone you know is praying about a mission opportunity, please get in touch with me.

Ephesians 5:15-17 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.

I mentioned earlier about being humbled by the BBC pastors in Mozambique. It is going to be my prayer for this month that God instill in me a greater desire to see more children and adults come to Know, Love and Serve our Lord Jesus Christ.
Larry and Sue Friend
Latin America/Caribbean
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