Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We like to camp

We enjoy camping.  We even went a few days after Christmas.  Here in south Texas winter and spring are the best times to camp because of the heat.
Recently we traded our fifth wheel for a smaller, pull behind camper.  It suits us better now that it's not our home but a weekend get away home.
We have decided to see how many state parks we can visit.  We take a picture by the entrance of each one to document where we have been.  So far we have been to four state parks.
There are quite a few around the San Antonio area.
I imagine we will at least try one time to camp on the beach.  Just for fun.

In other news I will be planting my garden in a couple of weeks.  Seems strange.


Goose Hill Farm said...

Good morning~

We LOVE to camp, but unfortunately, have not been able to these past few years. Hopefully, we can change that this summer.

How wonderful that you are keeping a record of all the parks you are visiting. I hope you get to see many this year.


loves2spin said...

That sounds like so much fun! I hope you will post pictures!