Friday, April 3, 2015

Garden update

Last fall we put in two cinder block raised beds.  We made them two blocks high.  Now I am reading that its bad to use cider blocks.  Too late.  I will use these until I can make wooden ones.  Its always something isn't it?
So far we have tomatoes, jalapenos, green peppers, lettuce, yellow squash and zucchini planted.  Everything is up and growing fine.  Today I got cucumber, green beans and kale to plant.
I also started about ten rose starts off our rose bush and the same amount of fig starts and they are all doing amazing.  Especially considering I really have no idea what I am doing.

This is my little garden area.  I will get a cattle panel to replace the chairs that are keeping the dogs out of that area.  Sandy likes to dig and I have to keep her out so my little plants can survive.
Miss you.


MartiDIY said...

I have used cinder block or concrete block before too, and hadn't heard any warnings then. I have long since outgrown those raised beds and just plant in the ground (which took a lot of improvement). Best wishes on your garden this year.

loves2spin said...

That all looks really nice!