Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Goals for this new year.

     I typically do not make new years resolutions because they are hard to keep, I do however set goals.  This year my goals are to clean and de clutter my house, shop much less, eat at home more often, eat out less and to write letters and cards often.
      I started my card and letter writing before the end of the year.  I am trying to write about six letters a week.  So far I have been able to do that.  I know my letter writing skills are not very good because I have not used them in so long.  I will be going through my address book and writing to old friends, new friends and relatives.  I don't care if they don't want to write back I just thought it would be a good thing to do.

     On the cleaning and de cluttering part, I have started and feel much better in a simple and clear environment.  I don't think my sewing room will ever be un cluttered just because of all the fabric and sewing machines and items I have in there but that is no reason it cant be clean and neat.  And let me tell you it sure was not clean or neat before yesterday.  I had never let it get so messy.  ugh.  It was so bad I could not even sit down to sew a seam.  I spent a couple of hours in there yesterday and its much better but there is still a way to go on it.

     When Joy and Mollie were here over the Christmas break they packed up my store that I had had in my garage.  I want to paint that room and put some beds in there so it will be easier when we have company.  And also company can feel like they have their own space to be.

     Are you making and keeping goals for the new year?  If so, what are they?  Leave a comment and tell me about them.

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