Monday, February 1, 2016

Wait, what happened to January?

     Today is February 1st and I can hardly believe it.  January flew by with sickness and a long trip. 

        I  started off January with being sick.  Then we drove 17 hours to Arizona to see Jeff's family.  Both of his brothers were there and his sister lives there so he got to spend a lot of time with all of them.  It was an eventful trip with a few exciting things that happened.

     I got to meet a dear facebook friend who is also an author and her husband.  We figured we had been online friends for at least 6 years.  We went out to eat and I don't think we ever stopped talking from the moment we met.  When I was ready to leave she gave me an autographed copy of her book, A Deadly Habit.

    On Monday after we returned home I got a tooth pulled that turned out to have a large abscess on the root.  I was fine until about 24 hours later when I began to get sick.  I think some of the infection from the tooth got in my sinuses and caused a problem.  I have been sick ever since.  I put in a call today to the dentist and am waiting on a call back.  This morning it seems to of moved into my ears.  I'm not good at being sick so this is pure torture for me.  I rarely get sick so this is hard for me.

     Last evening we drained two number ten cans of diced tomatoes and spread them on dehydrator trays.  They will be finished soon.  I think they will fit in a sandwich baggie.  We saved the juice to drink.  It felt good on my throat.  The dehydrated tomatoes will be much easier to store and take up much less space than two large number ten cans.  I'm going to go through my pantry and see if there are things that are close to their expiration date that I need to dehydrate.  I might as well put my new 9 tray Excalibur to work.  I still have my 4 tray Excalibur so I can put both of them to work.

     I hope you are all well and staying warm this crazy winter.

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