Sunday, September 9, 2012

Missionary update

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Subject: Blog, Sept. 9, 2012

Date: September 9, 2012 5:24:17 AM CDT
The organizational part of the rescue will be completed tomorrow, as our team will coordinate the last 2 villages needing food.
On Tuesday, the largest village with 545 badly malnourished children and widows will be given corn, beans, soap, and salt. We plan to serve the 3 largest villages by Thursday, as we have a food handout to our orphans in Kwe Kwe on Friday.

The 2 smaller villages will be given food next Monday. It will be a busy week, no doubt.

So pray for both our food teams as we will load BOTH TRUCKS to make the food handouts this week. With 100 bags (7 tons) of corn and 3 tons of beans going to each village, we can only serve one location each day.

I'll be getting photos and sending those along as soon as Eric gets back from South Africa on Sept. 18th.
MY SUNDAY MORNING was spent getting Veronica, the woman who burned her foot, treated at the hospital. Her appointment with the Doc in the ER was 8a.m., but when we arrived, they were out of sterile bandages. I was asked to return at 10a.m. with her for treatment.
Veronica's foot is healing well, with only the toes and a small part of

her foot still in need of healing. Thanks to Samanatha Barnhardt, who arrived yesterday from Butler, PA, we received the MUCH NEEDED Silvadene Ointment that has helped her burns heal

so quickly (my supply was almost gone). My secretary, and all around "girl Friday", Linda Ferguson, is the behind the scenes person who makes all these purchases, and gets them to whoever is traveling our way. I give my heart felt THANKS to both Sam and Linda and to YOU, who's Love Gifts make all this possible.

Veronica's sister is back to help care for her for a few days, so we used the time to move them into one of our widow's houses since Veronica will stay permanently with us. Her sister is married and has a family so she cannot give her the support she needs in Namara. Veronica's only little helper is her 5 year old daughter, as her husband passed away several years ago.
I look forward to hearing from many of you soon, as I know that several churches are presenting our corn need to their members.

THANK YOU for your "Jesus Love" shown through your generous giving towards

His Children.
Love and Blessings,

Bush Bunny Brenda in Mozambique

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