Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We rented a u haul

This morning Hannah and I  went to town and picked up the u haul we had reserved.  When we got home we began loading it.  We decided that we are going to pack and move by the end of the month.  We just don't know if we will be going to our new house or renting a  storage unit and a new RV space closer to where Jeff works.
We are praying that we close tomorrow or Friday so we can just move into the house.  We are doing this on faith.  I really don't know what we will do if there is yet another delay.  I dread unloading the u haul and then loading it up again in a few days.
Please pray that we can move into our new home this weekend and that it will all go smoothly and safely.

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loves2spin said...

I did. Take care.