Monday, January 28, 2013

Greenhouse update

 This pan isn't as productive as the other two.  Along the back are cucumbers.  I planted two tomatoes there for now.  I will put them somewhere else later and replant something else in that space.
 I bought my tomato, green pepper and jalapeno plant this weekend.  I planted most of them in this one planter.  I will put the tomatoes somewhere else in a couple of weeks.  Most likely large pot I will sit on the floor of the greenhouse.  The peppers can stay in this planter.
I just watered this planter so it doesn't look all that good but the lettuce is coming along fine.  In fact its ready to cut.  Its cut and come again kind so should be good for a while.

I plan to plant an entire planter with just beets.  I may also plant green beans along the back edge of one or two planters.  We plan to place cut up cattle panels along the back side of the planters for climbing plants to use.  So far I have already learned to use more soil in each planter because the soil packs down as it is watered and ends up not being as full as I thought it was at first.

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Anonymous said...

Where did you get your trays, they look very rugged. We are buried in snow and more and more is falling. -Jeannie