Sunday, September 6, 2015

"BUSH BUNNY BRENDA Sept. 4, 2015

Hello Friends,
I just wanted to remind you that Bush Bunny Brenda is taking a few days away in South Africa.
She was able to see the Dental Specialist who was suggested by the SOS Dr. in Pemba.
Once again, The Lord provided the right help at the right time. I’m sure Brenda will fill in the 
details for us just as soon as she is able.
The Bush Bunny standing still long enough to catch this picture of new Mozzy netting.
Thanks to all of you who have been so faithful with your support during these long days of summer.
Your prayers and financial support are the bedrock that is the foundation of Orphans Unlimited. Your 
gifts and offerings have provided all the needs for our children to attend school. Uniforms, shoes, and 
school supplies  are a must for each child.  Without them no child can go to school.
Because of your faithfulness our kids are blessed to be in school.
So thanks again, and watch for The Blog.
Linda Ferguson

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