Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Crocheting for charity

I belong to a mission group of ladies who do several service projects.  We make hats for homeless, soldiers and shoe boxes.  This month I was able to make 15 hats.  There are special criteria for making the hats for the soldiers, color, size etc. so they are pretty plain.  We want them to be plain because they wear them under their helmets.  I would never want them to wear something that would catch the enemies eye.  But the other hats I made can be as fancy or plain as I want to make them.  I always try to make them as nice as I possibly can.  I make pom pom's for them or flowers with blingy button centers.  I pray that they brighten someone's day.  The picture above is my idea of a candy corn hat.  Its whimsical.  I love it.