Thursday, March 9, 2017

Buckwheat hull pillow

Buckwheat hull pillow?  That sure sounds strange.  I have one and I sleep on it and I really like it.
Here is how it all came about.

I have an Amish friend who has a botanical mail order business.  I'll post his address in a bit.  His name is Simon.

I frequent Simons establishment quite often because I like to buy my herbs and spices in bulk and his are priced much cheaper than anywhere else I have found.  Plus I get to pick his brain when I have an issue and if I go pick it up I don't have to pay postage.

Anyway, one day we were talking and I said something about night sweats and he recommended a buckwheat hull pillow.  He said his wife sleeps on one because she is very hot blooded.  He said about four pounds of buckwheat hulls would make a small pillow but big enough to work just fine.  I ordered the buckwheat hulls and when they came in I made myself a pillow.  Its probably about 18 inches square.  I used muslin and made a simple pillow.  I also use a regular pillow case and just fold it over.

I have been using my pillow for at least 6 months and am quite pleased with it.  The research I have done says that it should last about 10 years.  Quite a bit longer than a conventional pillow.

This is what buckwheat hulls look like.

The hulls are loose but when you lay your head on them they stay in that shape.  They allow air flow so you never have to turn the pillow to the cool side.  They repel dust mites which is a great thing and they are cheap and natural.
I like my buckwheat hull pillow and recommend them to anyone who sleeps hot or lives in a hot climate.

If you would like to send for a bulk herb and spice catalog here is my friends address.  Remember that ordering things this way takes time because nothing is computerized.  He doesn't take credit cards.  Most people send him a blank check and when your order is finished he will fill it out including the postage and send you a bill telling you how much he made the check out for.  That seems very scary in our world but that's how he does business.  Another way is to send him a money order but you must be careful to make sure you send enough money.  He says many time people don't send the correct amount and so he sends out their order but they rarely seem to send him the monies still owed.  My niece just sends a blank check.

South Texas Botanicals
4156 Gaitan Lane
Beeville, Texas  78102


Jana Howard said...

Interesting story! Sounds wonderful!!!

loves2spin said...

How interesting! I've never heard of that pillow.