Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I was out of pocket for a while

I've just returned from spending almost three weeks in Kansas.  A while back they had a horrible ice storm and were even declared a disaster area.  I got there about 3 weeks into the clean up and it was still quite a mess.  I can just imagine how bad it was at first.

While I was there my family worked like beavers cutting limbs down and hauling them to the burn site which was only a mile away from moms place.  They worked tirelessly.  I cant work as hard as those young people so I watched the children.  They said that helped a lot.

We have been working to get the farm back in good shape.  When my step dad got sick it sort of fell into disrepair.  But my family has been working very hard to change that.

A few of us have partnered and gotten a few calves to raise for meat.  We started out with six but are down to four.  The first one died of who knows what but the second died while I was there by being attacked by three pit bull dogs.  Needless to say we were not too happy about that.  Those dogs should not be running loose destroying livestock.  I was pretty ticked.  My dogs alerted us to the fact that those dogs were in the corral with the calves.  Even calves are expensive now day so it was a big loss in investment.

Jeff has been working out of town helping get a new gas plant up and running.  Its good money because he works long hours but I miss him when he is gone.

He bought me a new computer and I am using it today for the first time.  I have a lot to learn with it.  Windows ten and all.  Ugh.

I'm still plugging away at my 40/40.  Getting rid of a bag of stuff a day for forty days.  I think its something I need to do five days a week for a couple of years, lol.  How does a person collect so much stuff?

I have decided that I am going to try really hard to not buy things.  I have plenty of things and I don't need to buy any more things.  I'm trying to simplify my life not add more crap to it.

I also decided that anything I drink cannot have calories or artificial sweeteners except my hot tea at night, I can put honey in it.  It silly to drink soda pop and waste so many empty calories.  So that means I will be drinking only tea and water  now.  I like unsweet tea, which is just tea anyway so that's a good thing.

Why do they call tea. unsweet tea and sweet tea anyway?  Shouldn't it be tea and sweet tea?  That's how I've always referred to it but here in south Texas even the dispensers say sweet and unsweet.  That's just another thing that makes me go hummm?

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