Sunday, October 21, 2012

Missionary update

From: "Brenda Lange"

Date: October 21, 2012, 3:54:02 AM CDT

Subject: Blog, October 22, 2012

Last week 24,500 TONS of Corn and 6 TONS of beans went out to the hungry children of Namuno County thanks to YOUR LOVE GIFTS.

The same amount of food will go out this week to assure that these families have enough to eat AND SEED TO PLANT to give them a fresh start for 2013.

The rainy season usually starts in mid-November, so planting time is near.
Two churches have started in 2 different areas of the county, and funds supplied to help these 80+ new converts to put up a grass roof veranda in which to meet under out of the sun. It is too late to build anything permanent this year, but these new believers are super enthusiastic and happy to have a shady place to meet. Sports evangelism for the children is going strong in 5 villages thanks to the new bikes supplied by supporters for these pastors.

As I write this, our Bible School teacher just took off on his motorbike to meet with one of these churches today. The rainy season will soon close the dirt road to this county, so he wants to get as much of God’s Word into them as he can before that happens.

Keep your prayers coming for these 2 Pastors to have a Harvest of Hearts for Jesus very soon!

Also for these families to have an abundant harvest of corn and beans in March of next year.

Over 200 adults, teens, and children showed up at 7:30a.m. to PRAISE THE LORD for their new church roof!

Our carpenters should complete this beautiful tin roof by tomorrow, and then the painters will come in to “water proof” the outside walls before the rainy season hits in November.

EIGHT children and THREE adults received Jesus this morning. A very elderly lady, Assaia (Ah-seye-ah) Keemao, came to “find Jesus”. Walking with a stick, bent over slightly at the waist, she and I DANCED TO JESUS before the church this morning after she received her salvation. She doesn’t know how old she is, but she was born before the Moz. civil war started in 1960. After praying for salvation, Assaia turned to the other 2 women (much younger than herself), and told them they should do the same! The whole congregation had a big laugh and truly enjoyed her “Holy Boldness” in sharing her new found love for a God that brings life to people.

Many new mothers came with their children today because they heard that “Mama Brenda” truly helps people with her “ backpack of healing goodies”.

Jesus told me many years ago that if I would “show His love” the way He did when he came to earth, that many would respond. He healed the sick, gave encouragement and teaching to the multitudes, and handed out food to 1000’s of people. All of us At Orphans Unlimited have tried to “walk as Jesus walked” ever since. YOUR LOVE GIFTS make that “walk” possible.

WE THANK YOU for your love for our Lord and all you do to bring His Love to the forgotten children in remote areas of northern Mozambique.

His love is now being spread by our Pastors in 3 counties that one must “purpose to find”.
One of our new Mommy goats passed away this week after having beautiful twin baby girls. The babies were born extra big and strong, and are doing fine thanks to the Bunny’s newly formulated mixture of powdered cow’s milk and baby formula. At present they are eating heartily from a normal human baby bottle, which they will soon outgrow. Michael Lowe, an engineer from Engineers Without Borders, is coming in November to help us, and will bring proper BABY GOAT BOTTLES for these youngsters to drink from. Another Mommy goat became super anemic after giving birth to a male goat this week. That baby is also doing well on my Super Baby Goat Formula, as his mother isn’t producing much milk at the moment.

How are we handling all these bottle babies? Had to promote my best goat herder to “foster Mommy”, and hire another experienced herder to take his place with the 70+ goats in the pasture. It takes 3 men to keep these goats from straying, as they are a lively bunch. Assane, the substitute Mommy, now stays in the barn and just handles all the new mommies and babies. At present we have 3 mother goats in the barn with their newborn kids and 6 more mommy goats about to “bingo” by the end of October. With 3 babies to bottle feed every 4 hours, it keeps him busy. The night guards relieve him in the evenings since all the goats sleep in the barns to prevent theft and wild animal or dog attacks.


You have to be “scheduled” to take your driving test in this country as they only give it once a month.

After passing my written exam in July, I was finally allowed to take the practical driving test 2 days ago.

No problem there, but results won’t be out for 2 weeks.

The driver was a young guy who asked me how long I’d been driving. I responded: “41 years, Sir.”

He waved me to “do my thing”, so I took him for a spin up and down the only paved road in Montepuez and he was happy.

The only thing he watched closely was to make sure that when I parked, I left the car in “reverse”, pulled the handbrake, and turned off the engine before releasing the clutch. That is the Mozambican way of doing it. When in Moz., do it there way or flunk.

Glad to have that over with. In 6 months or so, I should finally get the actual driver’s license card. Things move a little slow in the “card department”.

PERSONAL NOTE: Just because I’m busy, don’t hesitate to write. I truly enjoy your notes of encouragement.

After this week, the program should “slow down a bit” as we will have most of the intense food programs completed.

Blessings from Mozambique

Bush Bunny Brenda and the Balama Gang

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