Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Slow going

This has been the slowest move I have ever made.  I am older and have a hitch in my get along and most of the girls have moved away.  Hannah can only do so much and Jeff is so busy at work it is just really slow.  If Mollie were still here I think we would already be done.  Jeff keeps reminding me that my dad died right in the middle of all this so I cant count the days we were out of town for the funeral.  I guess he is right but my its taking so long.  Its so hot here and working outside is so hard for us.  We do have a two tier cart we wheel to and fro that is a tremendous help.  Also a two wheel dolly.  Both of these are a great help with our moving.

I am thankful I finally have some place to move to.  Although it does look like the circus came to town with the FEMA trailer, the 5th wheel and the 30 foot storage trailer sitting along the curb.  Good thing we have 3 lots or we would be out of parking space.

This weekend I am hoping to buy a dining room table with 8 chairs and a buffet.  We will go look at it tomorrow and if its nice I will pick it up then.  Then hopefully Friday we can head the other way and look at a couch and over size chair and if they are nice buy them and bring them home.  Then the following weekend we want to head to Waco to look at a German Shrunk for one wall of the living room.  The posting has expired so I cant show a picture but the lady said she would not renew the listing until I have a chance to come look at it.  Its a wall unit about 9 feet tall and over 9 feet wide and brought here from Germany.

If I get the table, chairs, buffet, shrunk, couch and over sized chair that should take care of my living room and dinning room.  Total spend not including gas will be $1,400.00  Not too bad, certainly nothing to what it would be if we bought new furniture.  We don't want new furniture, just nice furniture.  We have beds and Hannah has a dresser of sorts so we can make due for a while.

That is what is going on in my world.  Hannah wants to go bring in another load so I will end this post.  Have a great day everyone.

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loves2spin said...

I had never heard the term "shrunk." I wish I lived next door and could lend a hand. I hope this will be the last move you'll ever have to make. What a change from living in an RV this will be! I remember once when Jim and I and our two little ones at the time, moved from a tiny trailer to a big rental house. He and I used to go sit in the bathroom to visit each other because we felt more comfortable in there! Debbie, you can only do as much as you can do. Enjoy the day and don't worry, ok? (((hugs)))