Monday, October 22, 2012

Yes, thats better

     Friday evening our pastor/friends/family came for an overnight visit.  After they arrived we dressed up and left the kids at home and drove to Corpus Christi and drove along the water front for a bit then headed back towards home and stopped at a nice place to eat.

     Saturday I made biscuits and gravy and then we all got to work.

     Christina emptied the pond and cleaned and scrubbed it and got the pump working again.  I gave the boys hair cuts and Jeff and Bill put a new antenna up and then backed the storage trailer up to the front door.  That will make it so much easier to unload.

     Sunday Jeff had to work so after church I started the unloading process and two wheel dollied in about 6 or 7 loads.  I got it all unpacked and put away.  When Jeff got home from work he helped me carry in two book cases we had bought off craigslist and he wheeled in another huge dolly of stuff for me to put away.

     Sunday evening we got a happy call.  Mollie had planned to come visit next weekend and she changed her plans.  But the great part is that she is not coming for a visit but is coming back home to live.  We could not be happier.  I was not quite ready for her to leave but I could not say so because she was 18.  Being away from home for two months helped her realize that she wasn't quite ready to leave either.  I am so happy.  Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.

     Joy had an interview Friday and has another one with a different company today.  I am praying the right job comes along and that she loves it.  Her 20th birthday is coming up and we have a great surprise for her, but that's all I am saying.  he he


loves2spin said...

Yay!!! Hey, I want to see pictures!

debbieo said...

Good idea. I should take a few pictures of how things are now, all bare and empty and then some day when we get furniture I can take more pictures.
I will try to do that today.