Thursday, March 14, 2013

My little pond

Ive been working on my little pond.  We have about a dozen gold fish in it and they like cold water so I knew I had to get some shade going before the weather really heats up.  I went to a nursery yesterday and the owner dug up some plants from the ditch that runs thru the nursery and sold them to me for only $5.00  I also found out I can plant an elephant ear in a pot and put it in the pond.  I also found out that bamboo like wet feet too and will work.  The people at walmart don't know much cause they had a huge bin of elephant ears and a whole table full of bamboo plants and they said they didn't have anything that could go in a pond.  Glad I went to the nursery.
This is what my little pond looks like right now.  I will continue to work on it and put more plants and such in it.
I am going to make a screen filter thing to sit the water fountain in to keep the fish from getting sucked up into it and place it in the middle of the pond.  That's where it was at first until we got the gold fish.  Then some got sucked up to the filter so I took it out.  I'm hoping that with it being on the shelf tucked in behind the plant for now that it wont suck any fish to the filter and kill them.
I have never had a pond before, this is kind of fun.

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loves2spin said...

What fun! I hope you will post more pictures when it's all finished!