Friday, July 12, 2013

Gate guarding

I am friends with a sweet couple I met at church. They are an older couple who have what to me is an unusual job. They gate guard.

Here in Texas the oil and gas industry is booming as well as other businesses and ranches. Many of which need gate guards.

Gate guards are usually a couple who live in their own RV that is situated right at the gate of the business. The couple stays there 24/7. One person can go somewhere but unless they hire someone they cannot both go anywhere. It’s a good job for retired folks who do not spend a lot of time at the doctors.

The gate guard company supplies, water for drinking and water for showers, flushing and so on. The company also supplies a generator and fuel. Ice and so on. The couple must provide their own food.

These folks would sure have to be able to plan all their meals out in advance and stick to the plan and be sure they have purchased all supplies needed.

The pay is not huge but the work isn’t too hard. If you are someone who enjoys people then this might be a good job for you.

My friends are not gate guarding right now because the husband is taking care of a health issue which should be resolved in the next month. At that time they will go back to gate guarding. My friend said she will call me once they are guarding again so I can come over for a visit. I imagine I will bring my crocheting along as its doubtful we would do much running around which is fine with me. I will be sure to ask if there is anything I can pick up for them when I go.

I just thought this was an interesting way to earn money and thought you all might enjoy learning about it too.

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