Friday, July 12, 2013

Missionary update July 7, 2013


The remote village of Mopone is only 14km (8.4 miles) from our base, but it’s like another world. No market exists, which signals a VERY poor area. The road to get there took 4 wheel drive due to deep sand and several washed out trenched areas. Not a fun drive in the daylight, much less in the dark when we show the Jesus Film in 2 weeks.

Over 120 people came to hear the story of “HOW MAN CAN DEMOLISH THE SIN GAP AND MEET JESUS.”

As usual when we begin a spiritual work in a village, the crowd is full of doubters and scoffers.

Such was the case today, but most did at least listen to the story (complete with pictures of how NO ONE can earn their way into heaven through good works).

One of the X-Witch Doctors who burned her witch hut 3 weeks ago, is a strong Granny figure, highly respected in this village. She gave a powerful healing testimony telling how her medicine couldn’t cure ailments she’d had for years, but since she met Jesus, HE CURED HER! I could see the women in the crowd starting to “perk up” and take notice, while the men continued to stand off at a distance and talk among themselves.

We prayed for the sick and 9 MOTHER’S with young children asked to receive Jesus.

Many told us to keep our Jesus, they just wanted to be healed.

We prayed for them all, but explained that it is by FAITH they receive the Master’s healing.

The doubters stomped out when they didn’t receive an instant healing.

But those 9 mothers stood fast in the face of many doubters and left with big smiles on their faces.

So keep us in prayer as we continue to “break new ground” for Jesus.

There are now 29 BELIEVERS in Mopone, and we are sure the Lord will reap a big harvest once His story is told via the Jesus Film.

Mopone will be a real challenge for sure.



Bush Bunny Brenda in Balama, Mozambique

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