Wednesday, September 11, 2013

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Covenant Ranch Trucking:
Delivering for the most talked about Whole Foods Co-op in America!
Steps to shopping with Azure Standard
Azure Standard has worked very hard to ensure your shopping experience is both simple and enjoyable. Follow these steps to fill your cart and your pantry today!
★ First create an account with Azure Standard at It’s easy and free.
★ Second, obtain the drop number for the delivery location in your community. To find
near you call us at 785-380-0034 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              785-380-0034      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email
★ Third, GO SHOPPING! Visit Azure’s website at or order a
catalog to browse offline.
★Once you are finished shopping, you can check out. This part is important. At the delivery screen, be sure to choose the correct drop point and delivery date. Next enter payment information and review the summary page.
inclusive of others, and continually open to scrutiny of its practices- and the practices of its vendors. It was intentionally designed to not “take over” and over-run everyone else. Rather, it is designed to empower everyone in the cycle and system; it is designed to support, nurture and grow health- across this beautiful country of ours - one drop, one farm, one vendor, one customer at a time.
Azure has three main divisions- Azure Standard (distribution division), Azure Farm (processing division), and Azure Husbandry (the division that grows things), and each one focuses on a different piece in the food system cycle.
“I shop with Azure because, without Azure, I actually wouldn't be able to have access to certain products even at higher prices. Organic potatoes, organic peaches, citric acid, etc.” Customer, Cati
Covenant Ranch Trucking is owned by the Wood Family. Joe and Jeanette hit the road running in 2010 and the business has been growing every since. Joe and Jeanette have 11 children and two grandchildren. Joe drives truck, trains new
drivers, builds routes, and offers ideas. Jeanette manages the office and staff and is often the voice on the other end
of the line when you call. Jeanette also homeschools their children and manages their farm.
They would love to hear from you! 785-380-0034 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              785-380-0034      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or
You will receive an email from Azure Standard when your order ships and your drop manager will contact you with a time to pick up.
Azure Standard Background
The story of Azure Standard really begins in 1971 when the Steltzer family made radical changes in the operation of their 2,000-acre dry- land wheat and cattle ranch.
Holding the beacon of honesty and integrity as it moves forward, Azure has developed (and continues to develop) a food system that is both
Be sure to CLICK SUBMIT to submit your order. The order is not completed until it is
submitted to our database.

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