Monday, September 30, 2013

Learning new skills

     I am always trying to learn new skills.  Right now I am learning sewing machine repair.  I don't like having to take my machines to the shop and waiting a couple weeks to get them repaired and then the BILL.  Good grief they charge a lot of money. 
     I have sort of dabbled in sewing machine repair but never really dug into it before.  I decided that now is the time.  I ordered a course online that was 39.95 and have watched every video I can find on you tube.  I figured the best thing to do is just start so I told a friend at church what I was up to.  She said her machine wouldn't run so I said I'd take a look at it.
     I took her machine home and knew just where to start after reading the manual I had purchased and began going through her machine.  It was like new but just wouldn't sew.  I cleaned and oiled it and that was all it needed.  I returned her machine to her and she said I need to set a price because her sister has a machine that the bobbin wont wind on.  I told her I would look at it but I'm not ready to set up shop.  After talking to her a bit I found out that her sister has chickens so I said I would fix her machine for some farm fresh eggs.
     In the mean time I have fixed four other sewing machines and am getting pretty excited.  I even fabricated a small part for a machine today to make it work.  So far of the four machines Ive worked on this week, two just needed cleaned and oiled and one had a broken part which I ordered and then the other I just fabricated the part for.  For right now I am going to stick to the more basic and older machines not junk but machines that are all there but just aren't working for one reason or another.  If I get good at it I might branch off into the more intricate machines.  We will see.
     Then today my husband suggested that I learn to make knife sheaths.  He bought a braided one for $60.00 and thought it might be something I could do as well as fix sewing machines.  I need to order a lacing needle and some rawhide and I will give it a go.

     What about you?  Are you learning new skills right now?  Are there skills you would like to learn?  Tell me about them.

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