Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Im a busy bib maker

This is some of what Ive been up to lately.  My bibs are selling well at the craft shop I belong to so I have been making more to replace the stock Ive sold.  Ive also been making other things like bag bags and bowl covers.  This week I also have the four square hot pads on my adjenda to make.  It seems like Ive made a lot of bibs but when you actually count them there are not that many.  I need to be making things every day.

Im pretty excited that I am able to make blog posts today.  I miss being able to blog more often.  I am hoping the issue resolves itself or I figure it out.  One way or another.
Take care everyone and leave me a comment so I know you are out there.


loves2spin said...

Nice bibs! By the way, if you are making your square hot pads the way I think you are, did you realize you can make them round the same way? Just cut 4 circles for the top and fold them in half and place them like you would the rectangles. Quick, easy and pretty!

debbieo said...

Ill have to try that Yolanda, thank you.