Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday June 5, 2015

I don't know where the times goes.  It just was May and now its already the fifth of June.

I had an order for 100 neck warmers for our church vbs and I have completed them, whew.  Now I am making washable menstrual pads.  I enjoy sewing and am always looking for projects to sew that are now real complicated and that are useful.

Its been very hot here and summer is just starting.  Rain, rain, rain as well.  All around us people have experienced flooding but we are fortunate in that we live on the side of a slope that slopes down to the lake and we are three blocks up from the lake so flooding is highly unlikely.  That unfortunately is not the case for many around here.  In fact I just was told to stay home because Corpus Christi was hit by three hours of down pour and was having some flooding issues.  At least the lake is full.

Hannah started her summer job at the state park a couple of weeks ago.  She chose to work outside this year and I think she really likes it.  She has to do some pretty gross work sometimes but she seldom has to deal with people so she likes that.  She's the type that just wants to work and not deal with drama in any way shape or form.  She also graduated from homeschool high school so when her sisters come to visit in July we will do something to celebrate then.

I had three molars pulled last week and they were all abscessed and boy am I sick.  I guess the infection spread into my head.

My ipad died so now I will probably post more because I have to use my lap top to get online.
I wanted to post this list so I can reference it as needed.

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