Sunday, June 21, 2015



Our grandson who is eight is here for a few days this summer.  Today he went out the front door to play outside.  He played a bit then decided to go to the back yard.  After he was done playing he came to the back door which was locked.  We keep our doors locked unless we are going in and out.  Anyway I could hear him at the back door jiggling on the door knob.  The next thing I know the door is opening.  He came over to me and asked if I knew how he got in.  I said no.  He held up a piece of plastic that goes on the bottom of the rain gauge that we have not yet installed and said, “You left the key out there”.  Of course papa and I right away had him show us how he unlocked the door.  Come to find out our back door knob is a bathroom or bedroom door knob.  We always just lock it from the inside and knew we didn’t have a key and never even looked at the knob itself.  It was just one of those that you can probably even use your thumb nail to open.  We have lived here 2 ½ years and never checked that.  Needless to say we hopped into the car and went to home depot and papa is installing a knob with a key.  I texted my grandsons parents and told them that he possibly saved us from a break in or maybe even our lives.  Now I wonder what other security measures we have overlooked.  I thank God for watching over us these past 2 ½ years.  Keeping our home safe while we went on vacation and who knows what else.  Please check your locks on entry doors even if you don’t have keys.  Make sure they are actual entry way locks.  I don’t know who in their right mind would put that type of knob  on an entry way door.  But it’s obvious that we never checked it.

Then to top it off.  On the way to home depot our grandson found two hidden compartments in our car that we had never known about.

I’m wondering what is next?

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