Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New table napkins

In my forever quest to save a few pennies and do things for myself, and avoid store bought I have made new table napkins.  The ones we were using had poinsettias on them.  I think it was time for some fresh new ones.  The last ones I had sewn, turned and topstitched.  They ended up being on the small size but we used them anyway.  This time I decided to just serge the edges and use only one layer of fabric hoping it wont hold in moisture.  And I wanted them a little bigger.  The first set I cut out ended up being more of a rectangle and made it harder to fold uniformly to fit in the napkin holder.  Finally I cut out 13 inch squares and serged them.  Ah, just right.  Now we have some bright colored new table napkins.

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Yolanda said...

Those are VERY nice. I make out napkins, too. Using a cloth napkin makes me feel happy. By the way, I am way past menopause, so I don't need such things, but just last night I finished making a set of cloth menstrual pads for one of my daughters. She bought the PUL and Zorb fabric from Wazoodle fabrics online. For about $20, she has a set of pads that should last a long time and save lots of money. I've been using "unpaper towels" for quite a while too. The original ones are worn out and now I am using the super cheap wash cloths that I can buy at Walmart. It is so handy having a basket of these to grab to clean up messes, wipe my hands when I'm cooking, etc. I just wash them with our towels.