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Another missinary story.

Les and Jane Zerbe
In the Heart of Alaska for the Hearts of Alaskans
356 Louise Lane, Fairbanks, Alaska 99709
907-479-3779 zerbe@alaska.net
May 2011
Dear Friends,
What a surprise to see the right rear wheel of my 41 year old Dodge pickup pass me going down the road in remote Eastern Montana! This old pickup is more reliable that the new ones by the way; it made it all the way from Alaska to Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, Southern Florida, and back to Montana when all eight lug bolts on the rear wheel snapped off right at the brake drum, probably from over tightening by the tire shop that installed the tires. I called Pastor Levi Durfey at Firsprefer not t Baptist Church of Baker, MT, and said that we’d be late, maybe 2-3 days late. We’ll need to order parts not available here in the country.

“Let me call a man in the church who owns the local Car Quest.” He called me right back saying, “He’s got them!” Pastor Levi arrived at my breakdown spot on Highway 7 in only 45 minutes. Thanks, Pastor Levi! With God’s help and my trusty toolbox, the rig was back on the road in two hours, not two days!

Now we are back in Alaska after our most productive furlough ever. Besides meeting with some really caring church people, we continue to work with our Liberian pastors who are facing tremendous challenges due to the long war there and its aftermath. We haven’t said much about our Liberian friends previously because the long war there made it difficult to communicate. With the coming of relative peace several years ago, cell phone technology reached Liberia along with Money Gram. I guess Mickey D’s is next.

Would you like to talk with an African pastor who has gone through war with his people? Pastor Moses Kpah will be in the U.S. until May 20. I encourage you to call him on his cell phone, 1-717-889-6025. Ask Moses about his life during the war, his schooling, the current conditions, or our missionary work there. He will not ask you for money, but just to speak to this Liberian Christian “warrior” for Christ is a rare opportunity.

Some of you have given for medical expenses of Pastor Bordor, the man who was severely burned in a hut fire in which one of his children died. These needs are immediate needs. In process of helping, we are not making “rice Christians, people who only come for the food. These are already faithful Christian people whom our Liberian pastors know well. They know exactly who needs the food.

Just recently I questioned Pastor Moses Kpah about his church families. He told me that in his church were three families that were literally starving to death. The majority of his membership are unemployed, and Pastor Moses has no regular salary. Jane and I were able to phone Moses’ wife Helene using Skype technology from our computer. We sent her $120 by Money Gram, which was enough to buy three 100 lb bags of rice and pay for the taxi ride to deliver it to the three starving families. You cannot imagine what this means to those dear African Christians to know that we over here have not forgotten them: that we are actually practicing James 2:15-17:

If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food,
And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?
Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

Maybe some of you young people could do a car wash or mow lawns asking, “I’m raising funds to feed some starving Christian people in Liberia, West Africa, who have no jobs and no food. I’d like to mow your lawn for $35, which will buy a 100 lb bag of rice.” Then send your gift to the Caravan Connection account at CMC for a “bag of rice.” To those who have contributed already, Pastor Moses Kpah sent this message:

Right now these folks need our help. Pastors, please do consider adding one of these pastors for $35 per month for 3 years. Then review the situation. I can put you in direct touch with these pastors, if you would like. I know them, mentored and labored with them and, right now, they can carry the torch at $35 per month and are doing a very good job of it. If you do this please send to the Zerbe account at CMC and include a note for “African pastors.” On average, about 80% of their people are unemployed. Put yourself in their shoes for a day!

Additionally, Lord willing, we will soon have a radio station for the use of twenty pastors in the Monrovia area, donated primarily by one church in Florida. These pastors will record messages in their various languages. We plan to use solar panels to power a 12 volt battery and then use an inverter to power the transmitter. I’ll need to rely on some of you with broadcast experience to pull many details together. Then, I plan to fly to Liberia to set up the station and teach the pastors to use it. .

Prayer requests
1. Flying safety and an easy annual inspection
2. Funds for the radio station for Liberia, and travel funds to Liberia--Ticket around $2500
3. Solar panels--$ 1000, batteries--$ 400, and inverter--$ 450
4. Donations of $35 per month to support pastors or purchase rice for starving families
5. For at least one person who will go with me to Liberia.
Thank you for your generous faithful support.
Faithfully yours,
Les Paul Zerbe
“Far North Flying Chaplain”
Questions? Call my cell phone 907-322-8807. If you send an email, please include your phone number.

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