Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This n that

Mollie is getting ready to take a CNA class. That way she can be in the medical field since she wants to eventually become a physical therapist. I think I will take a CNA class as well so I can work part time. I am thinking I might like in home care. I need to check and see if I even have to have the course to do the work.

I made another batch of baked beans this morning. I really love this recipe and getting them done in the morning we can eat on them all day long. I made a double batch this time so they will last longer than one day. Thanks for the recipe Yolanda.

Its really hot here in the south already and its only May. The locals say just wait. I have to get used to hot and sticky instead of hot and dry like I have been used to all my life.

The garden is producing squash like crazy. I think I will plant a few watermelon and some canteloupe. I dont really know what the growing season is here but I think they will still make.

We are washing sheets today along with the regular laundry. Its hot outside already. There is a bit of breeze so maybe the clothes will dry fast.

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