Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great coupon weekend

This weekend I got a chance to view the show Extreme Couponing and it was very interesting. I picked up a few tips on how to keep track of my coupons and such. I would never want to go to the extreme that these people do but I do want to save my family money and never pay full price for items I regularly buy.

I love shopping at Walgreens when they have good register reward deals. When I buy something that has a register reward and then turn around and use the register reward its like spending the same money twice. I love that.

This weekend I was able to buy some calcium supplements, icy hot cream, iced coffee, and Listerine to go packs and get register rewards for all but .99 of the Listerine to go packs and I had a coupon for the calcium to cover the .99 I spent on the Listerine making them all essentially free except for the tax.

I then turned around and bought paper towels, Kleenex and toilet paper with the register rewards. It was like all the first products were a bonus because I always buy the paper products. Plus they were on sale and I had coupons for some of them.

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