Wednesday, December 28, 2011

She's a beaut

Mollie, me, Hannah, Kaleena holding Kastyn and Justin.

Daddy's little girl.

My aunt Mollie sure takes good care of me.

And I like to talk to my grandma.

I dont want any more clothes mom and dad. I have enough.

I like to watch them open their gifts.

Going to church on Christmas day.

Dad reading the bible.

My daddy loves me.

Mom and dad opening a gift. Kastyn isnt too interested.


We got home last evening at about 8:20 after a 14 hour drive. We were so very glad to be back in our humble home. I already miss Kastyn, Kaleena and Justin though.

I have a to do list that is quite long of course, on the list is getting caught up on here, but I will just plug along and it will happen.

More later.


Humble wife said...

Love the photos and especially the one with baby talking to grandma;)

Love daddy reading from God's Word, and I pray they keep this as their foundation.

Sleep, rest, and enjoy home.


debbieo said...

My son in law is definately the spiritual leader for his family. At their wedding I walked in on them praying together before the ceremony and it made me cry with happiness.