Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hey, hey, hey, its a beautiful day

Its simply beautiful out today so I used this opportunity to go to the shed and prepare everything so I can make soap tomorrow. I have not made soap in several months so it is time. Before we sold our house I used to make 4 batches at a time a few times a week. Tomorrow I will be making 4 batches.
1. oatmeal, milk and honey
2. lemongrass and oat
3. white magnolia and oat
4. peach and oat
I have a couple of ideas to try for scents. Lavender and lime and then Tea tree and Eucalyptus. I will of course put oats in those as well.

I have my outdoor kitchen designed in my head I just need 2 16 foot 2x4's and 2 more cattle panels. I also need to order some shade cloth. I am going to use shade cloth instead of tarps hoping the wind wont tear them up like they do a tarp. Since we live in an RV park my structure will have to be of a temporary nature. I have the bricks to build a 16 brick rocket stove and I want to buy one of those turkey cookers to use to can on this year. Its just too hot to can in the RV. I am the cattle panel structure queen. I have build many temporary structures that can last as long as you want to keep them there but are easy to take down and are not something that will raise tax's. I will post pictures when we get around to doing that project.

I also have a design in my head for a bed for Joy with lots of storage that won't be seen. I will build a sort of box unit with a hinged lid. I will take photo's of that when I get it done as well.

Mollie and Joy are both now working at the same convience store. The boss said corporate doesn't like her to hire family members of employees but she told them that if there were more sisters old enough to work there she would hire them as well. She really thinks a lot of Joy. That gives Hannah hope that she too might get a job there, maybe this summer. Who knows?

We think we might go to the Derixsons for New Years Eve. Jeff and Joy were there for Christmas but I have not been there for a while and Jeff said Elijah is about to start walking.

I think Justin and Kaleena are doing well with baby Kastyn. I miss them. Its nice to visit but its nice to come home too. I do so enjoy the weather here.

I pray each of you have a great weekend and that you get to enjoy it with folks that you love.


Humble wife said...

I love the having to think about how to make an outdoor temporary kitchen. To me it seems like the best things are made because we have to think on our feet.

Your girls sound like my kids in their work ethic. I have far too many job offers for the kids and many they cannot do, because everyone knows how they work.

Have a wonderful New Years. I am happy you are home safe.


debbieo said...

It is a good thing to have children you can truely be proud of isnt it? I have even dropped them off to work funeral dinners when I could not be there to do it.
Since we moved here it has not been as bad as far as offers because the girls are not well known yet but people are already figuring it out.

loves2spin said...

Happy New Year! Your building plans sound wonderful, as always. I tried to make one of those stoves from just regular bricks, but it didn't work. I hope yours does. I think if I had some mortar, that would help.

debbieo said...

I bought fire bricks. I sure hope it works.

loves2spin said...

Oh, good! I would love to hear how it works and see pictures! This is something I would love to do, successfully!

debbieo said...

I didnt like using the cotton towel for the soap, I had to use a knife and losten all around the edge. I think I will go back to saran wrap.
I will be posting pictures as we build the outdoor kitchen and rocket stove.