Friday, December 30, 2011

Setting goals

This morning I sat down and wrote out some of my goal for the next few months. I decided to go ahead and get started on them even though they are technically for the year 2012.

Yesterday I washed out two feed sacks that had been outside in the rain and getting icky. I didn't like either one of them so I decided to cut them up to make pockets for my feed sack tote bags. This morning I got started sewing the pockets. Out of one and one fourth feed bags I got ten pockets. Parts of the bags just wouldn't come clean and I don't want dirty looking pockets in my tote bags so I tossed them.

Next I sewed one feed sack tote bag and washed a sweet feed sack out in the tub. I have found that if I let the water get real hot and wash the sweet feed sacks with that it works a lot better than using a rag and rinsing loads of time. Comes cleaner too.

Then I went out to the shed and measured everything to make just two batches of soap. I have to cut them tomorrow and we want to go out of town so I decided to just make two batches instead of the four I had planned. I will make either two or four batches on Monday. I was a little worried that I might have forgotten how to make soap since its been several months but it worked out just as if I had never been away from it. I tried something different this time. Instead of lining my molds with plastic wrap I used damp cotton kitchen towels. I read somewhere that it was an option. If it works I will use that so that I don't always have to use plastic. It just seems more sensible to me.

I got the equipment all washed up that I use to make soap and now its lunch time. I may make another bag this afternoon if I feel like it. I also have some new craft ideas to begin working on this next year.


Humble wife said...

I never would have thought to salvage for pockets! You are so amazing!!


debbieo said...

I always have to use fabric from some other feed sack for pockets because the way I make my totes I dont have enough waste to make one from the bag I am using itself.
So the pockets never match the tote but I dont care about that.