Monday, April 9, 2012

missionary update


After a smooth flight and 3 days of travel, I arrived in Pemba Saturday
with all my luggage. That is ALWAYS a major achievement when several
airports are involved.

We were honored to celebrate Jesus' resurrection this morning with 30
other Christians, all English Speaking who are here as missionaries or
employed by local companies. It was a beautiful time of worship followed
by a brunch, and as always, the Lord started networking us with several
other missionaries in this area.
Found me a real Veterinarian and made friends with other missionaries
who have a goat expertise. They have already downloaded onto our
computers their orphan training manual for goat management, which is a
BIG help to me.

Another friend is donating 5 table and chair sets, 17 wood doors, and 4
beds with USA mattresses to our orphans. We just have to go pick it up!

God is moving in a wonderful way, and it is a super blessing to be back in
Moz. Monday, we will "hit the bank", grab some baby formula, and be off
to Balama! I really look forward to getting many hugs from the staff and
kids tomorrow.

2012 will be a super busy year, so keep us in your prayers!
Love and Hugs,
Bush Bunny Brenda

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