Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's happening on the home front

Hannah told me last night that I need to update my blog about what is going on in our family. This blog is a way for my family to keep updated and in touch. With two of my daughters and the rest of my extended family far away, its a good way for them to keep up with us.

~~Hannah is in track for the first time this year. She is throwing shot put and the discus. So far she has not placed but I think she is doing well and will place by the end of track season.

~~Mollie bought her first car today. She saved and saved and paid cash. Now she will start saving for her next car.

~~Joy and Mollie are loving their job and the people they meet. They always come home with funny stories about their customers.

~~Jeff is doing well at his job. He likes the people he works with and the work he does.

~~I have been canning meals lately.


loves2spin said...

It all sounds good. Please tell Mollie I am particularly proud of her for paying in CASH for her car. Smart young woman!

Kaleena Kay said...

I am so proud of my sisters. They have grown to be such intelligent, resourceful, strong women of God. I love them all.