Thursday, April 12, 2012

Soap Saver

Some ladies in one of my sewing groups on face book were talking about making soap savers for outdoor faucets. Later in the shower I noticed that my soap was getting kind of small so I decided to make a soap saver for the shower.
I made the pattern up. Using sugar and cream yarn this is what I did.
G hook
Chain 11, half double crochet in each chain and then on around on back loop of the first 10 hdc's. In other words I just went up one side and down the other. Then I just continued for about 10 rows. Then I chained 3 and skipped a stitch and single crochet into the next stitch, chain 3 and skip a stitch, single crochet into next stitch and so on around. When I got to where I had started the chain 3 stitches I just chained about 25 after the last single crochet. I then cut my yarn and pulled it tight. Then I wove the yarn in and out through the loops I had just made and fastened the end of the chain 25 to the beginning of the last loop. This made the whole project one string with no cuts or starts. Lastly I wove the ends in and put my soap sliver in the bag and hung it in the shower.
I am sure I am the worst at giving instructions so if you can figure it out I will be impressed.


loves2spin said...

So, do you leave the soap IN the little bag when you are using it? Could you put little slivers of soap in there and use it that way?

debbieo said...

Thats the idea and reason for using the cotton yarn. I have made these before and they sort of act as a soap filled wash cloth.
Its a neat way to be able to use up all those little slivers of soap.