Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New wash machine

A few months ago we bought an older washer to use outside because our ringer washer bit the dust.  It had a small leak which we knew about when we bought it but we were going to use it outside so the leak wasnt a big deal to us.  Well lately it has quit spinning the water out.  We have tried everything we know short of calling a repair man to fix it.  We just couldnt justify a repair man for a $45.00 washer.  So I told Jeff that I was going to go look at Craigslist for another used washer.  Right away I found one for $50.00 right in our town.  I called and we headed out in the pick up.  Long story short we have a new to us washer again.  Now I will list our old one for free to see if anyone wants it.
The girls and I should be able to install the new washer and move the old one out of the way.  If we cant get it Jeff can do it when he gets home.
The new washer looks like it is newer and has a few more bells and wistles on it.  Hopefully it will work better than the last one.  I am wondering if we need to keep a tarp on it when its not in use. What do you all think?  Is the electronic part sealed enough to keep it safe and dry when it rains?

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Anonymous said...

Glad you got a good deal and locally. I like craigslist. I read the wants and freebies just for the heck of it. Pat Hardee