Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Homemade Inhaler

Homemade Inhaler
To a regular-mouth pint sized jar add the following (always start with the lowest amount of each oil, and work your way up if & as needed):
1-3 drops peppermint oil

1-3 drops clary sage oil

1-3 drops rosemary oil

3-6 drops eucalyptus oil

1-2 drops lavender oil (optional, but nice)
When you’re ready, add about a half cup of boiling water to your jar. Cup your hands around the top of the jar & put your mouth &/or nose to your hands. Breathe in the luscious & potent steam.
*Be careful not to burn yourself with the steam. Be sure to use immediately, as once it cools, it loses the desired effect.

source:  http://www.vicariouslyvintage.com/2012/05/04/homemade-inhaler/


loves2spin said...

Is this for people who have croup, or asthma? Have you tried it yet? Where do you buy your oils?

debbieo said...

I dont know about croup or asthma but I would think it would be good for them.
I buy my oils from Brambelberry.

loves2spin said...

So, what do you use it for in your home? p.s. if you look on my blog, I put a link to the waffle irons in reply to you. :)

debbieo said...

I have not used it yet but I wanted to have it for reference because occasionally my husband needs to use a nebulizer. I tend to like to use more natural and God made stuff so I thought next time he needs it we can try this instead of the albuterol meds.
Thanks for the waffle iron link, I will go look right now.